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Index Page SEO and social sharing

Search engines and social media sites interact with Index Pages differently than other pages in Squarespace. Index Pages are collections of pages, and in some templates Index Pages use a unique URL structure that includes a to help search engines and social media sites recognize that a page is part of an index and not duplicated content.

You'll see this in the following templates. Templates are grouped by family.

  • Avenue
  • Flatiron
  • Marquee, Adversary, Alex, Eamon, Ginger, Mint, Shift (discontinued)
  • Montauk, Julia, Kent, Om

Search engines only pick up on the part of the URL before the #. So, in the above templates, search engines don't see duplicated content.

Social media sites do the same thing: They only see the part of the URL before the #. If you try to share a page in an Index Page, the social media site will only see the Index Page instead of the specific page you're trying to share from the index.

To share a page from your Index on social media, use the direct URL.

Note: Demo pages contain a "noindex" tag that makes these pages invisible to search engines. We recommend removing all demo content from your Index Page to remove this tag.

Direct URLs

Direct URLs take visitors to a specific page on your site. The direct URL for any page is your domain name followed by the page's URL slug, like this:

If you want to share a page that resides in an Index Page and the URL includes a #, remove the # from the URL before you share it. If your Index Page isn't set as your home page, you'll also need to remove the Index Page name from the URL.

For example, if your page URL looks like this in the Index:

Use this version for sharing:

Note that this direct URL version of your page may display differently than the version within the Index. For example, in the Avenue template, Gallery Pages stack vertically when opened from an Index. At the direct URL, they'll display as a slideshow.

To learn more about your template's Index Page, visit Using the Index Page.

Tip: For general help with sharing URLs, visit Sharing URLs from your site.
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Index Page SEO and social sharing