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Editing images with the Adobe Creative Cloud Image Editor

The Adobe Creative Cloud Image Editor is a built-in feature you can use to make changes to your images, including adjusting orientation, cropping, adding a color filter, changing brightness, removing red eye, and adding text. This editor is available for most images on your site:

Editing images with this tool permanently changes the uploaded image. We recommend keeping originals of all images saved on your computer or other storage method.

Previewed Getty Images can't be edited until you've licensed them. The editor isn’t available for images uploaded to Site Styles.

Note: If the image editor on your site doesn’t match the screenshots in this guide, you may be seeing our new Squarespace Image Editor, which we’re slowly rolling out to all customers. Learn more.
Note: The Adobe Creative Cloud Image Editor was previously called the Aviary photo editor.

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Before you begin

  • The editor converts edited .gif files to static .png files.
  • Image edits are permanent on your site and can't be reverted. Before clicking Save, we recommend backing up the original file on your computer.
  • The editor doesn't support transparency in .png files.
  • The editor isn't always ideal for resizing images. To learn more, skip to Resizing.

Open the Adobe Creative Cloud Image Editor

For Image Blocks and page or item thumbnail images, open the image editor and click Edit.


For Gallery PagesGallery BlocksVideo Blocks, Cover Pageslogosfavicons, and profile pictures, hover over the thumbnail and click the pencil icon

Using the Adobe Creative Cloud Image Editor

In the Adobe Creative Cloud Image Editor, you'll see icons for each editing tool. Use the left and right arrows to navigate through them. 

  • Click any icon to begin editing. Changes are shown live on the image.
  • To accept the change and return to the main editor, click Apply.
  • To return to the main editor without accepting the change, click Cancel.
  • Use the arrows in the bottom-left corner of the main editor to undo or redo a change once you've applied it.
  • When you're done editing, click Save. Image edits are permanent on your site and can't be reverted.
  • To close the editor without saving, click the X in the top-right corner, then click Close.

The sections below have tips and tricks for using the different editing tools.

Rotating and flipping

Click Orientation and use the icons to flip the image horizontally or vertically, or to rotate it 90° at a time.

To rotate the image manually, drag the white circle. Manually rotated images will keep their original aspect ratio.


Click Crop to crop out part of your image. Use the aspect ratio icons to select standard shapes, or drag the white corner circles to adjust the cropping manually. 



We don't recommend using the Resize tool to resize how your image appears on your site. Making the image smaller or larger by adjusting the pixel dimensions can make the image blurry or distorted. Instead, visit Resizing an image to learn how to use Spacer Blocks to reduce the size of your image. 

However, you can use the Resize tool to reduce the width of very large images down to the recommended 1500 pixels to 2500 pixels, making them friendlier for the web. To do this, enter the width you want in the Width box. Ensure that the lock icon remains locked; this preserves your image's aspect ratio to prevent distortion. The Height box will adjust to the appropriate dimensions automatically.

Lighting and sharpness

Click Lighting to adjust your image's brightness, contrast, highlights, and shadows.

Click Sharpness to blur or sharpen your image.

Effects and frames

Click Effects to choose from a variety of effects and filters for your image. These can affect the image's colors, edges, or both.

Frames adds a frame around your image, or adjusts the edges and corners to give your image a different feel. 

Note: In July 2016, Adobe removed several frame options from the list.

Adding text and drawings

Use the Text tool to add words over the image, or use the Draw tool to add doodle overlays to your image with a brush.

Tip: To resize or rotate the text, click and drag the white circle in the bottom-right corner of the text box.
Note: The Adobe Creative Cloud Image Editor's available fonts are separate from the font menus in Site Styles.

Photo adjustments

The editor has tools for smoothing out life's little imperfections:

  • Redeye - Remove red eye from your image.
  • Whiten - Whiten teeth in your image.
  • Blemish - Remove skin blemishes.

My image editor looks different

If your image editor doesn’t match the screenshots shown above, you may be seeing our new Squarespace Image Editor. We recently launched this updated editor to a limited number of customers and we plan to roll it out to all customers soon.


With the new Image Editor, you can use the following tools to edit an image:

  • Adjust - Click the Adjust icon, then use the sliders to edit Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation.
  • Crop
    • Click the Crop icon to crop an image using preset dimensions, or click Custom to crop the image manually.
    • Use the Flip options to flip the image horizontally or vertically, or click the Rotate icons to turn the image 90° to the left or right.
    • Use the slider under the image to straighten.

We plan to roll out more features in the coming months based on customer feedback. In the meantime, if you don’t see a tool that you need for editing, you can adjust the image with third-party software before adding it to your site.

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Editing images with the Adobe Creative Cloud Image Editor