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Reactivating a site

You can reactivate a canceled or expired site by logging in and resubscribing.

Follow these steps to reactivate:

  • Expired trial accounts
  • Sites expired due to outstanding payments
  • Canceled sites
Note: If your trial site expired, you can upgrade it to active billing or extend the trial for seven days without entering payment information.

Before you begin

Reactivate on a new plan

When you reactivate an expired or canceled site, you'll select a billing plan. You'll start a new billing cycle on the day you reactivate.

If your plan is no longer available, you'll choose one of our current billing plans. These plans may differ slightly from your original plan in terms of pricing and features. It's not possible to return to a legacy plan if your site expired, you left a plan, or you canceled service. To learn more, visit What plan am I on?

Depending on the website subscription plan you had before, you may need to remove or disable Premium features to reactivate your site.

Retrieving your content

After a site is canceled or expired, content is marked for permanent deletion. At your request, we can try to retrieve some or all of your canceled or expired site’s contents, but it will depend on how much time has elapsed since the site was canceled or expired. More information about what happens to your site’s content when you cancel an account is available in Deleting your site and its contents.

Other information

  • Customer subscriptions and Member Area memberships end when a website expires. Customers will need to restart their subscriptions by purchasing the products again, and all members must go through the signup process again.
  • You can check if your site has expired by visiting its URL. You'll see a message that says "Website expired."
  • If you don't see the "Website expired" message but can't log in, visit I can't log in to troubleshoot.
  • If you're not seeing the right content after logging in, you might be in a different site connected to your account. For help logging into the correct site, visit Managing multiple sites.
  • If your site isn't loading at your custom domain but works at your built-in domain, this means there's an issue with your domain. If you have a Squarespace Domain, you may need to verify it.
  • If your site includes a Squarespace Domain that's also expired, you must reactivate the domain separately.

Step 1 - Log in

To reactivate the site, you'll start by logging in:

  1. Go to your site's URL.
  2. You'll see a message that says "Website expired." Click Owner login, and log in with your email and password.

If you see broken images

Images and galleries may not appear correctly until you reactivate your site.

Step 2 - Update your billing credit card (optional)

If your site expired due to an issue with your billing credit card, you'll need to update your card on file before reactivating your site. Follow our instructions to update your card, ensuring you review your card details carefully and click Save before continuing to the next step.

Step 3 - Select a billing plan and reactivate

Choose a billing plan and resubscribe:

  1. Click Fix now in the banner in the bottom of your site.
  2. Select one of our current billing plans.
  3. Review the order summary. To change the credit card on file, click Edit in the Payment section and enter the new credit card information.
  4. Review your subscription, then click Confirm and purchase.
Note: It's not possible to return to a legacy plan if your site is expired, if you leave a plan, or if you cancel service.

Restored content

After reactivating your site, your content may appear as you last left it, depending on how much time has elapsed since the site was canceled or expired. Content can take up to a few hours to repopulate on your site.

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