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Checking your billing subscriptions

This guide shows how to check billing subscriptions for your website and any services connected to it like Squarespace Domains and G Suite.

Tip: To avoid interruption of service, set your subscriptions to renew automatically.

Understanding independent billing subscriptions

All Squarespace subscriptions are independent from each other. This means that changing or cancelling one service doesn’t automatically affect other subscriptions.

For example, if you cancel a website with a Squarespace Domain connected, the domain subscription remains active (even after the website expires), unless you specifically cancel the domain separately.

Similarly, if you have multiple sites on your account, changing the billing plan of one won't apply to the others. If you want to take action on multiple site subscriptions, repeat steps to change or cancel a subscription for each additional site.

Check your site's billing plan and cycle

Each active Squarespace site has its own billing subscription. If auto-renew is enabled, this subscription renews either monthly or annually.

To check your current billing plan and cycle:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings, click Billing & Account, and then click Billing.
  2. Under Subscriptions, you'll see a box with these plan details:
  • Billing plan - Personal (Website), Business (Website), Basic (Commerce), or Advanced (Commerce)
  • Billing cycle - Monthly or Annual

For example, this site is on the Website Business plan, billed on an annual cycle:


Click the box to view:

  • The primary domain for your site
  • Online Since - The date you started active billing
  • Plan - Your current plan title
  • Billing Cycle - Your current billing cycle (Monthly or Annual)
  • Next Payment - Date and amount of your next payment


View more subscription information

You can find more information about your subscriptions in your Account Dashboard. This is useful for reviewing subscription details for multiple sites.

Click the ... icon next to a site title to view:

  • Plan - Your current plan title
  • Billing Cycle - Your current billing cycle (Monthly or Annual)
  • Auto-renew - If auto-renew is enabled
  • Renews - Renewal date
  • Amount - Annual or monthly renewal charge
  • Payment Information - Last four digits of the card on file
  • Contributors - Contributors added to the site
  • Domain - Custom domains added to the site
  • Email - The number of email users added with G Suite


Check your domain subscriptions

To check your Squarespace Domain subscriptions, including domains you've transferred to Squarespace:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings, click Billing & Account, and then click Billing.
  2. Under Subscriptions, click Domains.
  3. You'll see a box for each Squarespace Domain connected to your site. Each box includes the domain name and next renewal date.

Click a box to view the following information:

  • Online since - The domain's registration date
  • SSL Certificate Status - If SSL certificates have been issued for the domain
  • Renews On - Renewal date and next charge amount


Check your G Suite subscription

If you manage a G Suite account through Squarespace, use these steps to check your subscription.

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings, click Billing & Account, and then click Billing.
  2. Under Subscriptions, click G Suite.

In the G Suite Billing panel, you can view:

  • Email Account - The custom domain used for the G Suite account
  • Number of Seats - The number of available seats for users to fill (only appears for annual plans)
  • Number of Users - The number of individual email addresses created
  • Billing Cycle - Your G Suite billing cycle (Monthly or Annual)
  • Renews On - Renewal date 
  • Auto-renew - Whether your subscription will automatically renew.


View your invoices

Payments for each service on your account—including your website's billing plan, Squarespace Domains, G Suite, and Getty Images—generate separate invoices, starting with the most recent payment.

To learn how to find and download your invoices, visit Reviewing your Squarespace account invoices.

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Checking your billing subscriptions