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Building a health and fitness site

Creating a website for your health and fitness business is a great way to attract more clients and manage scheduling. Whether you're a personal trainer, nutrition coach, or a brick-and-mortar studio, a strong online presence conveys your wellness brand and helps clients understand what they’ll gain by working with you.

This guide covers ideal templates for the health and fitness industry, different ways you can make your services stand out, and options for online booking.

Select a template

All templates offer built-in mobile design and eye-catching page layouts, but the following templates work especially well for health and fitness sites. Each has a bold, clean look that will inspire your visitors.


Moksha uses Index Pages to let visitors scroll through content from different parts of your site. The effect is like a brochure, where visitors get an overview before diving deeper into specific topics.

For detailed instructions, visit Using the Brine template.



Om has a customizable site header, where you can display your contact information with the main navigation and site title. The header gives your site a professional look and feel, and makes it easy for visitors to get in touch. This template allows for plenty of white space, which is ideal if don't have a lot of photography or if you'd rather emphasize words over images.

For detailed instructions, visit Using the Montauk template



Heights uses bold text and a full-bleed banner image as a powerful introduction to your business. Keep the written content on your homepage short, and alternate text and images for an engaging scrolling experience.

For detailed instructions, visit Using the Brine template



With Bedford, you can add a background video at the top of your homepage. This creates visual interest, setting the right tone for your business. Once you have the visitor's attention, give them a clear call to action by turning the last link in your main navigation into a prominent button.

For detailed instructions, visit Using the Bedford template



Stella uses lively colors and bold geometry to create visual interest. If you don't have many images, use the Collage Image Block to pair a few high resolution photos with bold text.

For detailed instructions, visit Using the Brine template.


Add a background video 

A background video can inspire potential clients and introduce them to your brand. Background videos should be interesting but not distracting, so we recommend choosing content with smooth transitions. You can learn more about background videos in Adding a background video.

Display your services

Use a Regular Page to describe your offerings and explain why they're unique. You can use a starter layout, which lets you fill in the blanks of an existing page layout. Or you can start with a blank layout and build the page from scratch using Text Blocks. If you have a variety of services, you can create an individual page for each one and organize them into a drop-down menu in your navigation.

If you host events, like introductory workshops or drop-in sessions, use the Events Page to promote them.

Show off your facilities

For many people, the look and feel of a space makes a big impact and is part of what sets your business apart. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, give potential clients a feel for the space by adding images to a Gallery Page.

Offer online booking

Make it easy for clients to book appointments by adding online booking to your site. You can use our integration with Acuity Scheduling or a different scheduling service. If you'd prefer clients book over the phone or via email, add email and phone links to simplify getting in touch.

Create newsletters

Thoughtful, engaging newsletters connect clients with your brand. Add a Newsletter Block to collect email addresses, then connect a storage option like MailChimp or Google Drive. Once visitors sign up, you can send emails to promote a sale, share news, and keep clients up-to-date with your services.

Optimize for search engines

There are a few ways you can help potential clients find you online. To start, add a contact page with your physical location. This tells search engines where your business is, which can help your site rank in location-based searches.

You can also utilize Google's tools by signing up for Google MyBusiness and verifying your site with Google Search Console.

To learn more about SEO with Squarespace, visit our SEO best practices guide.

Next steps

Once your site is up and running, take it to the next level. Explore our Getting started tutorial series for inspiration, and follow these steps to make your site even more polished and professional.

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Building a health and fitness site