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Lavorare con contenuto della demo

Each Squarespace site comes pre-loaded with demo pages and content to highlight features and layout possibilities. Use this guide to learn how demo pages work and how to replace and customize demo content with your own.

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Questo video si riferisce alla versione 7.0.

Prima di iniziare

  • We recommend removing or replacing all demo content before upgrading to a paid subscription.
  • All demo content pages use noindex tags to prevent them from appearing in search results. The noindex tags are automatically removed when you start editing a demo page.
  • If you'd like to use stock images to replace demo content, we offer integrations with Getty Images and Unsplash.

Understanding demo content

The designs in the template store have demo content that highlights Squarespace features and layout possibilities. Our design team carefully curates the text and images to inspire you and serve as a springboard for your own ideas. You can create any type of site, no matter what design you choose as your starting point.

Demo content is intended as inspiration only. When building your site, you’ll use tools built into the Squarespace platform to replace the demo text and images with your own unique content.

Locating the demo content

Most of the demo content exists as pages in your Pages panel.

Nel Menu Home, fai clic su Pagine.

Le pagine demo hanno un'etichetta Demo accanto al titolo della pagina. Le icone accanto ai titoli delle pagine indicano il tipo di pagina, ad esempio Pagina di layout o Pagina del blog.

The Demo label appears beside demo pages.

To find a demo page, tap the Pages icon.

Le pagine demo hanno un'etichetta Demo accanto al titolo della pagina. Le icone accanto ai titoli delle pagine indicano il tipo di pagina, ad esempio Pagina di layout o Pagina del blog.

Replacing demo content

How you replace demo content depends on which version of Squarespace your site is on and where the demo content appears:

  • Pages - Click the page title in the Pages panel, then click Edit.
  • Page section - Click Edit in the top-left corner of the page, then find the section with demo content. Edit demo blocks to replace content.
  • Pagina di layout - Passa il mouse sull'anteprima della pagina e clicca su Modifica.
  • Collection page - Click the page title in the Pages panel and click Copy Page.
  • Banner image - Hover over each page, click Banner, then click the trash can icon below the image in the page’s settings.
Alcuni tipi di pagine non possono essere modificati nell'app Squarespace. Per le pagine non supportate, accedi al tuo sito da computer. Per ulteriori informazioni, visita Pagine, blocchi e sezioni nell'app Squarespace.

To edit a demo page:

  1. Tap a supported page with a Demo label.
  2. Tocca Modifica o l'icona della matita nell'angolo in alto a destra.
  3. Tap anywhere on the page to begin editing.

Deleting demo content

If you prefer to build your own pages from scratch, you can delete the demo pages.

In the Pages panel, hover over the page and click the trash can icon.

Hover over a demo page and click the trash can icon to delete it.

Add new pages by clicking the + icon and selecting a page type. To learn more, visit Adding pages to your navigation.

  1. Tocca l'icona Pagine.
  2. Swipe left on any page with a Demo label.
  3. Tocca Elimina.

You can also delete a page from its page settings.

Restoring demo content

You can restore demo pages within 30 days of deleting them. For help, visit Restoring deleted pages.

Switching templates (version 7.0 only)

Quando cambi modello su un sito della versione 7.0, il contenuto della demo esistente viene sostituito con il contenuto della demo del nuovo modello. Tutte le pagine create o modificate, incluse le pagine demo delle quali hai sostituito il contenuto dimostrativo, si spostano nella sezione Navigazione nascosta.

Per maggiori informazioni, visita Cambiare modello.

Domande frequenti

Can I use the demo content?

No. Per our Terms of Service, demo content is meant for inspiration only, and you don't have a license to use any sample images or content on your live site. You’ll need to replace the demo content with your own images and text. Besides, using your own content is the best way to ensure that your site expresses your unique vision and brand.

To find great images to build your site, we offer built-in integrations to help you search and add free and premium stock images.

Why do you have demo content?

We've learned that starting with demo content makes building your site easier than starting with a blank site. Also, while all our designs are customizable, we design each one with certain aesthetic goals in mind. The demo content illustrates those aesthetic goals and demonstrates the type of site that could be created with those elements.

How can I remove the “Demo” label?

Clicking an EditBanner, or Settings button on a demo page removes the "Demo" label. You can then fill the page with your own text and images.

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Lavorare con contenuto della demo