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About .de domains

You can register, transfer, or connect domains ending in .de to Squarespace if you have an address in Germany. This TLD is a great option if you have a business or professional presence in Germany and you want a domain that matches your location.

The .de TLD follows different rules than most other TLDs we offer. This guide covers all of these requirements and exceptions.

Tip: The .de TLD is a country code top-level domain (ccTLD), which works differently from a generic top-level domain (gTLD).

TLD features

Browse the table below to learn about the unique features and rules of registering or transferring a domain ending in .de.

Tip: If you already own a .de domain and don’t want to manage it through Squarespace, you can keep it hosted with your current provider and connect it to your site. The rules in this section don’t apply if you connect a .de domain from another provider.




  • $20
  • €18
  • £16
  • A$27

Your domain may be subject to state and local sales taxes. If your domain is subject to tax, you’ll see it added at checkout. To learn more, visit our guides on taxes in the United States, European Union, or Australia and New Zealand.

Address requirements

You must enter an address located in Germany to register or transfer the domain, then maintain it to keep the domain. If your address changes to a different country, your domain could be suspended without a refund.

Protection WHOIS

La protection WHOIS n’est pas disponible.

Domain locking

Domains can't be locked.


You don’t need to take any action or verify your domain via email after registering or transferring. Your .de domain is verified automatically.

Registration contact options

There’s only an Owner contact. You won’t see Admin, Tech, or Billing contact options.

Five-day registration grace period

There’s no five-day grace period to cancel .de domains and no refunds.

Before you register the domain, ensure that you want to keep it. Double-check the domain for typos.

Transfer in registration term

A .de domain can only be registered for one year at a time. Transferring a .de domain to Squarespace gives you one new year of registration, but won’t carry over any remaining time from your previous provider.

Auto renew

All .de domains are charged for renewal 20 days before their official renewal date. Your charge date is listed under Renews On in the Domains panel.

Important things to note:

  • Your domain isn’t officially renewed until 20 days after your charge date.
  • The auto-renew option locks when your domain is within five days of renewal (15 days after your charge date).

To cancel an upcoming renewal, disable auto-renew at least 1 day before the Renews On date shown in your Domains panel.

Failed payments and expired domains

Pour que votre domaine .de reste actif et qu’il reste associé à votre site, vous devez vérifier qu’une carte de paiement valide est enregistrée pour votre site. Si la carte de paiement enregistrée pour votre site ne peut pas être débitée, nous retenterons de la débiter tous les cinq jours après le premier échec de paiement. Si nous n’avons toujours pas réussi à débiter votre carte 20 jours après la date de paiement initialement prévue, le domaine expirera et il ne sera plus connecté à votre site. 

Une fois votre domaine expiré, vous bénéficiez d’un délai de 30 jours pour le renouveler sur Squarespace. Pour renouveler un domaine expiré, vérifiez que votre site est actif et qu’une carte de paiement valide y est associée, puis contactez-nous


It’s not possible to edit nameservers.

Note that for most actions, you don’t need to edit a domain’s nameservers and can instead use custom DNS records.

Transfer away 60-day lock

You can transfer the domain away from Squarespace any time. You don’t need to wait the usual 60 days after registering or transferring it.

Note that any remaining time on your registration won’t carry over to your new provider.

Transfer away steps

To transfer your .de domain away from Squarespace:

  1. In the Domains panel, click the .de domain you’re transferring away.
  2. Click Send Transfer Authentication Code.
  3. Le contact propriétaire du domaine recevra un e-mail avec le code de transfert. Vous devrez fournir ce code à votre nouveau fournisseur de domaine afin d’autoriser le transfert.

Votre code de transfert expire 30 jours après son émission. Veillez donc à démarrer le processus de transfert peu de temps après avoir reçu le code.

Si vous cliquez plusieurs fois sur Envoyer le code d’authentification pour le transfert, plusieurs codes de transfert uniques seront envoyés. Seul le code le plus récent est valide. Nous vous conseillons donc de supprimer les e-mails précédents afin d’éviter toute confusion. 

Why is my domain registration "in progress?"

If your .de domain has a yellow Registration in progress label in the Domains panel, it needs more time to fully resolve to your site. You don't need to take any action. After the domain is activated, your domain will have a green label in the Domains panel. 

Most .de domains take less than 24 hours to fully resolve, though it may take up to 72 hours. If your .de domain still isn't active after 72 hours, contact us and we'll take a look at your settings to ensure everything is set up correctly.

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