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Member Areas checklist

As you prepare to publish members-only content on your site, use this list to ensure users can successfully sign up for and access your member areas.

Before you begin

Step 1 - Create gated content

To create member areas and the gated content in them:

  1. Enable Member Areas - If Member Areas isn't already enabled for your site, enable it manually.
  2. Create member areas - In the Pages panel, create your member areas, setting a membership fee and renewal frequency for each.
  3. Build your gated content - Add pages to your member areas in the Pages panel.
  4. Make member homepages - The first page in each member area automatically becomes the member homepage, or the landing page for that member area. You can change the member homepage at any time.
  5. Customize your setup - Customize the Member Areas experience for your members, including adjusting the member navigation, membership checkout experience, customer email notifications, and access denied screens. You can make changes to your member area settings at any time.

Step 2 - Finalize your Member Areas setup

Before you can publish gated content on your site and accept members to your member areas, you must:

Step 3 - Encourage site visitors to sign up for memberships

When you're ready to give visitors access to your member areas:

  • Add sign up forms - Add member sign up blocks to any content area on your public site. Visitors to your site will purchase memberships to your member areas by clicking the sign up link in these blocks, creating a customer account, and paying a membership fee (if applicable).
  • Promote your member areas - Consider adding a comparison page where visitors can review all your member area options.
  • Manage members - Review and manage members in the Profiles panel.
Tip: See our How members access their customer account guide for more information on how members create and sign into their accounts.

More help

Visit our Member Areas guides, or use these resources to help you build out members-only content on your site:

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