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Managing domains for Google Workspace

To sign up for Google Workspace (previously G Suite), you must have at least one custom domain associated with your site. This guide shows you how to change or move the custom domain tied to your Google Workspace account.

Primary Google Workspace domain

Your primary domain is the domain that appears after the @ in your email address. For example If you registered a new domain and want your Google Workspace email addresses to match it, follow these steps to update the domain in your Google Admin console:

  1. Log into your Google Admin console.
  2. Add a new domain to your Google Workspace account.
  3. Set your primary Google Workspace domain.
  4. Confirm you changed the primary domain by going to your Google domains settings.

For more help changing the domain, contact Google.

After you change your primary Google Workspace domain, your site’s Google Workspace panel may still display your old domain. To fix this, log into your Google Admin console to change the domain for each user. For help, follow the steps in Google's documentation.

Move your domain and Google Workspace account to a different Squarespace site

You can move your Google Workspace account to your new site along with your domain, as long as the new site doesn't already have an active Google Workspace account. If the new site has a Google Workspace account, you’ll need to cancel it before moving over your other account.

When you move your Google Workspace account to a site paid for with a different currency, your Google Workspace subscription switches to the new site's currency. How you move your Google Workspace account depends on if you bought your domain from Squarespace or a third-party host:

  • Squarespace domain - Your Google Workspace account moves with your domain. To move your domain, visit moving a domain to another Squarespace site.
  • Third-party domains - First, move your domain to the new site. After moving your domain, we’ll need to manually move your Google Workspace account for you. Contact us before making any changes to your Google Workspace account.

Use multiple domains with one Google Workspace account

To use multiple domains in your Google Workspace account, first ensure you add any secondary domains to your Google Workspace account. For detailed steps, visit Google’s documentation.

After you add a secondary domain, you can create new users that end in that domain. You’ll add users with your primary domain first, then edit the emails in your Google Admin console so they use the secondary domain.

To add a user with a secondary domain:

  1. Add a new user in your Google Workspace panel.
  2. After adding the user, they’ll receive login information and a link from Google. The new user should use this link to log in for the first time. If the new user doesn’t receive the invitation, you can resend it.
  3. After they log in, visit your account's Admin Console.
  4. Rename the user so it ends in your secondary domain.

Learn more

Visit the guides below for more ways you can use domains with your Google Workspace account.

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