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Gallery sections in version 7.1

Gallery sections are a type of page section in version 7.1. You can add gallery sections to your pages to display sets of images in striking layouts, instead of adding multiple Image Blocks.

This guide is for version 7.1. For a similar effect in version 7.0, use Gallery Pages or Gallery Blocks.

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Add a gallery section

To create a new page with a gallery section:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Pages, then click +.
  2. In the menu, click Page Layouts, then click Gallery and choose a layout. You can change this later.
  3. Add a page title and press Enter.
  4. Click Edit on the page.
  5. Click the image icon to add and edit images.
  6. Click the pencil icon to style the gallery section.
  7. Click Save to publish your changes.

You can also add a gallery section to an existing page on your site:

  1. Click Edit on the page.
  2. Click + above or below an existing section.
  3. Click Gallery and choose a layout.
Note: If a gallery section is the first one on a page, it can impact the way your site header appears. To learn more, visit Building a site header

Add images to the gallery

After adding a gallery section, you can add images to it:

  1. Hover over the gallery, click the image icon, then click +.
  2. To add new images from your device, click Upload Images.
  3. To reuse images you already added or add stock images, click Search Images.

After uploading an image, you can:

  • Click Image Editor to edit the image.
  • Adjust the focal point. This may not affect how the image looks, depending on its aspect ratio and your style settings.
  • Enter a Description to add a caption and alt text for the image. 
  • Add a clickthrough URL in the Link field.
  • Delete the image by hovering over its thumbnail and clicking the trash can icon.

Keep in mind:

  • Gallery sections don't currently support videos. 
  • It's not possible to add blocks to gallery sections, but you can add block sections above or below a gallery section.
  • When you add or remove images from a gallery section, it's not possible to undo that change by clicking Discard changes. Remove or re-add images manually.

Style the gallery

To customize your gallery, you can change the layout, colors, and aspect ratio, enable captions, and more. To style a gallery section:

  1. On the page with the gallery section, click Edit.
  2. Hover over the gallery section, and click the pencil icon.
  3. In the Gallery tab, change the layout with the Gallery Type drop-down menu.
  4. Below Gallery Type, make style changes to the current layout, like spacing and image height, or enable captions. These options vary between layouts.
  5. Click the Colors tab to choose a color theme. 
  6. Click Save.

Gallery section layouts

In the Gallery Type drop-down menu, you can select from the following layout types:

  • Grid: Simple - A grid of images in even rows and columns
  • Grid: Strips - A grid where strips of images display at different sizes in each row
  • Grid: Masonry - A grid where images appear in a staggered layout
  • Slideshow: Simple - A simple slideshow that displays one image at a time
  • Slideshow: Full - A full-bleed slideshow that displays one image at a time
  • Slideshow: Reel - A slideshow where multiple images display at once, like a film reel

To learn how each layout appears on mobile, visit How will my site appear on mobile devices

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Gallery sections in version 7.1