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Removing yourself as a contributor

If you no longer need access to a site or other subscription, you can remove yourself as a contributor. Doing this will remove all of your permissions for the site or other subscription, remove it from your account dashboard, and prevent you from logging into it to make changes.

If you're the owner, transfer the site to a contributor and follow the steps in this guide to remove the site or other subscription from your account dashboard. You can also delete the site entirely

Tip: If you're an owner or administrator, you can remove other contributors. To learn more, visit Removing another contributor from your site.

Remove yourself as a contributor

To remove yourself as a contributor and give up your permissions:

  1. Open the account dashboard.
  2. In the dashboard tab, find the site or other subscription you want to remove yourself from.
  3. Click ... to the right of the site title.
  4. Click Remove Me, then click Remove to confirm.
Note: You might see a Delete option. This deletes the site entirely and prevents all other contributors from accessing it. To learn more, visit Your account dashboard.

What should I do if I removed myself as a contributor by mistake?

If you removed yourself as a contributor by mistake, contact the owner or an administrator and ask them to invite you as a contributor again.

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Removing yourself as a contributor