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Getting started with Squarespace Email Campaigns

Send on-brand emails as beautiful as your website with Squarespace Email Campaigns, our integrated email marketing feature. Using Email Campaigns, you can:

  • Email more efficiently - Update your site and send campaigns within the same interface. Pull content like your site logo and blog posts directly into your emails.
  • Enhance your brand - Craft campaigns that are a seamless extension of your site and brand.
  • View more analytics - Integrated analytics give you a more holistic understanding of your subscribers and site visitors.

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Before you begin

Open the Email Campaigns dashboard

To open the Email Campaigns dashboard:

  • On a computer - In the Home menu, click Marketing, then click Email Campaigns.
  • In the Squarespace app - Tap Settings, then tap Email Campaigns.

Sign up

All sites start with a free Email Campaigns trial, during which you can send up to three blast campaigns. To send more campaigns:

  1. In the Email Campaigns dashboard, click Upgrade Now.
  2. Choose a Monthly or Annual billing cycle.
  3. Select the Email Campaigns plan that fits your needs.
Tip: You can build mailing lists and create drafts without signing up for an Email Campaigns plan.

Set up your profile and mailing lists

Before you can send email campaigns, you need at least one mailing list and a sender profile.

A mailing list is a collection of email addresses. Visit Building mailing lists to create one.

A sender profile is the email address and name that your subscribers see in the From: line of the email, and the email's reply-to address. Visit Creating sender profiles to get started.

Help visitors subscribe

After creating a mailing list, it's a good idea to add places on your website where people can subscribe to it.

One popular option is to add a newsletter block to the site's footer, which creates a built-in subscription form like the one below. For more suggestions, see our list of options.


Send blast or automated campaigns

Blast campaigns are single campaigns that you send to one or more mailing lists. For example, you might send a blast campaign to let your subscribers know about an upcoming event. To create one, visit Building email campaigns.

Automated campaigns send automatically in response to a visitor's action. For example, you can automatically send an email when someone subscribes to your mailing list or buys a product on your site. To learn more, visit Sending automated campaigns.

Track results

After you've sent an email campaign, use our built-in analytics tools to see how it performed, and review who unsubscribed from your list.

Link to campaigns

We automatically create browser-based copies of each campaign. There are two ways for people to open campaigns in a browser:

  • View-in-browser - Add a view-in-browser link to the header of any campaign, so subscribers can open the browser version directly from the email.
  • Permalink - Each blast campaign has its own URL, which you can share like any other link.

To add a view-in-browser link to any blast or automated email, enable it in the campaign's header.

To copy the permalink URL for a blast campaign:

  1. From the Email Campaigns dashboard, click Sent, then click the campaign.
  2. Click ..., then click Copy Campaign link.

This saves the link to your clipboard. Use the keyboard shortcut ctrl + v on a PC or + v on a Mac to paste it.

Tip: To attract more subscribers, link to a sample campaign and your mailing list signup page in the Links section of your Unfold Bio Site. To learn more, visit Unfold mobile app.


Learn more

For more help, visit our Email Campaigns FAQ.

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Getting started with Squarespace Email Campaigns