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Accepting Apple Pay

With Apple Pay on the web, your customers can check out quickly and securely, without manually entering shipping and billing information.

The option to pay with Apple Pay is only visible to customers who have set up Apple Pay on their device. They must use Safari through iOS 10, macOS Sierra, or more recent operating systems on Macs with Touch ID.

Apple Pay is enabled by default, with no additional setup required, for everyone accepting payments using Stripe on Squarespace Commerce.

Commerce and payment processors are Premium features available in Business and Commerce plans.

Check if you accept Apple Pay

Since Apple Pay provides an additional quick, secure payment option, we recommend leaving it enabled. To check if Apple Pay is enabled:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Commerce, then click Payments.
  2. Click Manage beneath Stripe.
  3. To accept Apple Pay, keep Accept Apple Pay switched to ON.
  4. To disable Apple Pay, switch Accept Apple Pay to OFF.

How customers pay with Apple Pay

Apple Pay displays as a payment option for customers checking out on your store or making a donation using Safari through the latest iOS 10, macOS Sierra, or more recent operating systems.


Clicking the Apple Pay icon automatically enters their stored billing information.

  • For customers, clicking the Apple Pay icon also enters their shipping address. Customers select a shipping method, and tax charges display after the customer clicks the Apple Pay icon.
  • Donors don't need to enter a shipping address, so they review and complete the transaction after clicking the Apple Pay icon.

Then they can approve the transaction with one of the following devices:

  • iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and later.
  • iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, and later.
  • Apple Watch paired with a supported iPhone.
  • Mac with Touch ID.

For more information, visit Apple and Stripe's documentation.

Test an Apple Pay transaction

To place a test order with Apple Pay so you can see how customers use it, check out on your store or make a donation using Safari on a Mac, iPhone, or iPad with the latest iOS 10, macOS Sierra, or more recent operating systems. 

This will charge the credit card you've connected to Apple Pay, but you can cancel and refund the order or donation to remove this charge. A non-refundable transaction fee may apply to your test oder.

Tip: If you don’t see the Apply Pay option at checkout, reset the Apple Pay toggle in the Safari settings on your device.


Are there additional transaction fees for Apple Pay?

No. Apple Pay transactions are processed by Stripe and only subject to the standard transaction fees.

Can I view my Apple Pay transactions?

Yes. Apple Pay orders appear in the Payments and Donations panels. These payments aren't differentiated from other credit card transactions at this time, but you can view payments in Stripe to see this information. For more information, visit Viewing payments or Managing donations.

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Accepting Apple Pay