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Store page types

While every site includes the same features for adding products and managing orders, store page design, limits, and special features vary. Your site's store page type falls into one of four categories, depending on your site's version:

To style your store, visit Styling store pages.

Standard features

All Squarespace stores:

  • Are browsable
  • Link to individual product details pages with customizable URLs
  • Have a separate inventory management dashboard
  • Allow up to 100 variants per product
  • Offer one or more hover effects
  • Can have an unlimited number of filtered pages displaying products by category

Category management and product limits depend on your site's version.

Comparing store pages by site version

Store pages in version 7.1 are designed to hold all your products in one place. With flexible category management, you can create an unlimited number of filtered pages that display products based on category. Add subcategories to create drop-down menus in your store page’s category navigation.

Version 7.1 store pages Version 7.0 store pages
  • 10,000 product limit
  • Category navigation with drop-down menus.
  • 200 product limit
  • Category navigation without drop-down menus

Special features

This table shows the special features available on all version 7.1 store pages and the various version 7.0 store pages

  Quick View Image zoom Share Buttons Hover Effects Waitlists
Version 7.1 store page X Alternate image
Advanced store page (7.0) Advanced Alternate image, fade, product details
Classic store page (7.0) X X Links Product details X
Galapagos store page (7.0) Links Product details, fade on hover X
Supply store page (7.0) X X Links Alternate image X

Galapagos and Supply also have:

  • Galapagos - Three store page layouts and color overlay options. Learn more.
  • Supply - Customizable store page background color and layout options. Learn more.

Version 7.0 store page types by template

Version 7.0 sites support a classic, advanced, or unique store page, depending on your template. Here are the store page types available in these template families:

  • Adirondack - Classic
  • Avenue - Classic
  • Aviator - Classic
  • Bedford - Classic
  • Brine - Advanced
  • Farro - Advanced
  • Five - Classic
  • Flatiron - Classic
  • Forte - Classic
  • Galapagos - Unique
  • Ishimoto - Classic
  • Momentum - Classic
  • Montauk - Classic
  • Native - Classic
  • Pacific - Classic
  • Skye - Advanced
  • Supply - Unique
  • Tremont - Advanced
  • Wells - Classic
  • Wexley - Classic
  • York - Advanced
Tip: Your template may support more options that affect the look of a store page, like per-page headers or banner images.
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