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Editing your site on mobile devices

This guide reviews options for editing your site on mobile devices, such as phones and tablets. Some touchscreen laptops will work the same way as mobile devices, depending on the device type and browser size. While many parts of Squarespace are mobile friendly, you’ll need a computer to use some editing features.

You can also edit the mobile preview of version 7.1 sites on your computer. To learn more, visit Device view.

Mobile apps

If you're on the go and want to edit your site, view your analytics, manage your store, or manage appointments, use a Squarespace mobile app:

  • Download the Squarespace app to edit pages, manage your store, view analytics, and change site settings on your mobile device.
  • Download the Scheduling admin app to view and manage your appointments. Clients can download the Client app to book and track their appointments.

Mobile browsers

You can log into your site in Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android to edit these areas:

If your site is on version 7.1, you can:

Some areas of Squarespace aren’t yet optimized for mobile browsers. For these areas, use the Squarespace app or a computer: 

  • Adding or editing blocks not listed above
  • Analytics
  • Commerce
  • Email Campaigns
  • Other page editing options 
  • Site styles and other design panels

Safari on iPadOS

You can edit all areas of your site in Safari if your iPad has iPadOS installed.

The browser’s height and width affects how the site displays. If you’re having trouble editing a page or using a panel, try turning the device to make the screen taller or wider. If this doesn't solve the problem, log into your site on a computer to continue editing.

Your site is optimized for mobile visitors

All Squarespace sites are optimized for responsive design, so they look great in common mobile web browsers. To learn more, visit Responsive design and How will my site appear on mobile devices?

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Editing your site on mobile devices