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Can I edit my site on a mobile device?

With Squarespace's mobile apps, you can edit parts of your site on a mobile device. You can also log in and edit basic site settings on your mobile web browser.

This guide reviews the different options for editing your site on the go. While many parts of Squarespace are mobile-friendly, you'll still need a desktop to use some editing features.

Edit pages in the Squarespace App

iOS, Android

Download the Squarespace App to edit pages and manage site settings on an iOS device. The app is great for quickly editing pages, adding images, writing blog posts, and more.

To get started, download the app, then learn more in our Squarespace App guide

Use Commerce and Analytics apps

iOS, Android

To manage other parts of your site, use our other mobile apps:  

  • Analytics - View key statistics for different areas of your site.
  • Commerce - Manage orders, shipping, inventory, and more for your Squarespace store.

Edit basic settings in mobile browsers

iOS, Android

We recommend using one of the Squarespace mobile apps to edit and manage your site on mobile. You can also log in on a mobile browser and edit these areas:

Other areas of Squarespace aren’t optimized for mobile browsers:

  • Analytics - Log in on a desktop or the Analytics App.
  • Commerce - Log in on a desktop or use the Commerce App.
  • Pages - Log in on a desktop or use the Squarespace App.
  • Site Styles and other Design panels - Log in on a desktop.

Your site is optimized for mobile visitors

All Squarespace sites are optimized for responsive design, so they look great in common mobile web browsers. To learn more, visit Responsive design and How will my site appear on mobile devices?

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Can I edit my site on a mobile device?