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How customers buy your products

After you've set up a store using Squarespace Commerce, your customers can browse your products, add them to a shopping cart, and check out.

Your shopping experience may vary slightly depending on how you set up your store. Running test orders is the best way to get to know how your checkout works.

Note: Before customers can check out, you'll need to add products to your site and connect a payment processor.
Commerce and payment processors are premium features available in Business and Commerce plans.

Step 1 - Choose a product

When a customer opens a store page, they can view and choose products by clicking on its featured image.


Step 2 - Add to the shopping cart

After a customer clicks an item from the main store page, the product's details page will open.

  • On this page, they can review the product's information, images, and more.
  • Depending on how you set up the product, they can select different options (like color and size) and choose a quantity.
  • They can click the Add to Cart button to add the product to their cart.

After they add an item to their cart:

  • A cart notification displays in the top-right of the page.
  • The cart notification shows the number of items in their cart and the total cost.
  • Shopping cart design varies by template.
Tip: To send visitors directly to checkout after choosing a product, enable Express Checkout.


Step 3 - View the cart

After adding a product to the cart, they can continue shopping or click the cart notification to open the shopping cart. In the shopping cart, they can change the quantity of products or remove products.

To change the quantity of a product, they can click on the current value in the Quantity field and enter a new value. To delete an item from the cart, the customer can click the X at the far-left of the product.


The customer can click Checkout to complete the purchase and pay for your products.

If all products are removed from the shopping cart, the shopping cart will display a Continue Shopping link. This directs to your homepage by default, but you can change it to direct to a different page on your site.

Note: The shopping cart has a default item limit of 500. If Carrier Calculated Shipping is enabled, the item limit is 150 items. To learn more about this limit, visit Carrier Calculated shipping overview.

Step 4 - Checkout

Clicking the Checkout button opens the checkout page, where the customer will enter their billing information (and shipping information for physical products), review their order, and complete their purchase. This section walks through the standard checkout page. 

Protected by SSL

Your checkout page is protected by SSL to keep your customers’ credit card data safe and secure.


1 - Customer Information

  • The customer enters their email address.
  • If you added a newsletter subscription option to checkout, they can check or uncheck this option.

2 - Shipping

The customer enters their shipping address at this step.

  • When they start typing an address, the checkout page displays a Google-powered list of autocomplete suggestions. The customer can click on the address they want, and the rest of the form fills out automatically.

After they enter a shipping address, they can choose a shipping option.

  • The options display in ascending order of price.
  • The least expensive option is selected by default.

3 - Payment

4 - Review and Purchase

After the billing, shipping, and payment information are complete, the customer can click Purchase to place their order.

If you added Store Policies, these appear here as text links.

Apply a discount

If you offer discounts, the customer can enter a promo code in the Order Summary to the right at any point during checkout.

  • Discounts apply to the cost of the product, not shipping. (Only Free shipping discounts affect shipping cost.)
  • They can't apply a discount that gives a discount larger than the price of the product.
  • In some cases, they can apply multiple discounts to the same order. To learn more, see our combination rules.

5 - Confirmation

  • After clicking Purchase, an Order Confirmed page will display.
  • The customer will receive an email confirmation. If the customer purchased a digital product, they'll receive an email with a download link.
Tip: You can customize the Order Confirmation page by adding custom HTML in the Code Injection panel. This is an advanced modification that falls outside of the scope of Squarespace support.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Customers with credit cards issued in the EEA may see an extra authentication step during checkout. This may be a browser pop-up or a push notification from a banking app asking the customer to verify the transaction. The exact authorization process depends on the customer’s bank. To learn more, visit Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).


If customers can't check out, visit Troubleshooting checkout issues for help.

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How customers buy your products