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Service products

In Squarespace, service products are classes, consultations, events (without physical tickets), or other services you offer. Since service products aren't shipped to customers, they don't require customers to pay for shipping or enter a shipping address at checkout. You can sell a service product as a one-time purchase or a subscription.

Tip: For merchandise, apparel, and other physical goods, visit Physical products. For ebooks, .mp3s, and other digital downloads, visit Digital products.
Commerce is a Premium feature available in Business and Commerce plans.

Service products vs. appointments

Depending on the services you offer, you may want to use online booking through Scheduling instead of service products. Before creating a product, review the main differences:

  • Service products work well for classes and events that are free or require payments, but don't have to be booked at specific times.
  • Appointments work well for services and classes scheduled for specific times or as part of a series. You can accept payment for an appointment when the client books, hold their card to charge later, or make the service free. To learn more, visit Creating and editing appointment types.

Step 1 - Select the product type

When adding a new product to a Store Page, select Service.

Step 2 - Edit the product information

Note: We recently updated the product composer, which we’re releasing in waves to all Squarespace sites. If the steps in this guide don’t match what you see on your site, visit Using the new product composer instead.

Use the Name, Image, and Description fields to add information for your product.

To add product images, click the Upload images arrow in the image field or drag and drop images from your computer.

You can add multiple product images, and variant-specific product images. In version 7.1, click the pencil icon to adjust the number of columns and image aspect ratio. In version 7.0, customize how the thumbnail images display on Store Pages in the Site Styles panel. 

Tip: You can set a product thumbnail image in the Options tab to represent the product in areas across your site like Product Blocks, Summary Blocks, and the Products panel.


Step 3 - Add tags and categories

Use Tags + and Categories + to organize your products.

After adding categories to products, the categories create automatic navigation on your Store Pages. The style of this navigation varies by template. To learn more, visit Organizing products.

Formatting tips:

  • Tags must be 80 characters or fewer.
  • Categories must be 25 characters or fewer.
  • Tags and categories are case-sensitive. For example, entering Apples, apples, and APPLES creates three tags or categories.
  • Tags and categories appear in alphabetical order.


Step 4 - Edit pricing and variants

Click the Pricing & Variants tab to define attributes for your product.

Inventory and Pricing

You can define each of the following options for Service Products:

  • SKU - This is the inventory identifier for your product. Squarespace creates one automatically, but you can change it to a SKU that matches your inventory scheme. SKUs have a 20 character limit. A single product can have up to 100 SKUs.
  • Pricing - Set the price customers will pay for the product with additional options for sale pricing.
  • Stock - Add the number of units available. You can also set an Unlimited stock value. To prevent customers from buying more than one of any service product at a time, uncheck Let customers buy multiple service products in checkout settings.
Note: If the Stock is one, the Quantity field won't appear on the product's details page.
Note: Weight and dimensions aren't required.


Variants are alternate versions of a product with different attributes, like size or color. A single product can have up to 100 variants. Variants let customers choose between product options using drop-down menus. To learn more, visit Adding basic product variants.

Step 5 - Create a subscription (optional)

If you're eligible, you can sell the product on a recurring basis. Select Subscription product and customize the subscription renewal details. Customers who buy subscription products save their billing and shipping information, and are charged automatically when their subscription renews. To learn more, visit Subscription products.


Step 6 - Save

Click Save & Publish to publish the product to your Store Page. This sets the product as available for purchase.

Tip: To schedule the product to publish to your live store later, click Save (but not Save & Publish). To learn more, visit Editing products.

More options

Beyond the basics, you can further customize your service product with features like custom forms, buttons, and the ability for customers to buy multiple service products at once. To learn more, visit the Adding products to your store.

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