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Digital products

You can sell ebooks, audio files, and other digital downloads by creating digital products. When a customer purchases a digital product, they're sent a download link. After a customer clicks the link, they have 24 hours to download the product before the link expires.

Tip: For merchandise, apparel, and other physical goods, visit Physical products. For events, classes, and services, visit Service products.
Commerce is a Premium feature available in Business and Commerce plans.

Before you begin

  • The file size limit for digital products is 300 MB.
  • All file types are accepted, but only one file can be added to each digital product. You can zip files together and upload the zipped file to a digital product, as long as it's under 300 MB.
  • Variants aren't available for digital products.
  • It’s not possible to sell digital products as subscriptions.

Step 1 - Select the product type

When first adding a new product, select Digital.

Step 2 - Edit the product information

Note: We recently updated the product composer, which we’re releasing in waves to all Squarespace sites. If the steps in this guide don’t match what you see on your site, visit Using the new product composer instead.

Use the Name, Image, and Description fields to add information for your product.

Click the Upload images arrow in the image field or drag and drop images from a folder on your computer to add images for the product. You can add multiple images, which display as thumbnail images.


Step 3 - Add tags and categories

Use Tags + and Categories + to organize your products with tags and categories.

Adding categories to your products automatically creates category navigation on your Products Pages. The style of this navigation varies by template. To learn more, visit Organizing products.

Formatting tips:

  • Tags must be 80 characters or fewer.
  • Categories must be 25 characters or fewer.
  • Tags and categories are case-sensitive. For example, entering Apples, apples, and APPLES creates three tags or categories.
  • Tags and categories appear in alphabetical order.


Step 4 - Upload a file

Click the Pricing & Upload tab to set a price and upload your file. Click the Upload arrow to select a file from your computer or drag and drop a file into the Add a file field.

Note: The file size limit for digital products is 300 MB. Only one file can be added to each digital product. You can zip files together and upload the zipped file to a Digital product as long as it's under 300 MB.


Step 5 - Add Pricing

In the Pricing & Upload tab, you can set the price of the product and create sale pricing.

  • Price - This defines the normal price for your product.
  • On Sale - Check this box to set the product as On Sale.
  • Sale Price - When you check the On Sale checkbox, the product will be listed with the sale price.

Step 6 - Save

Click Save & Publish to publish the product to your Products Page. This sets the product as available for purchase.

Tip: To schedule the product to publish to your live store later, click Save (but not Save & Publish). To learn more, visit Editing products.


Fix Saving Errors

The digital product can't be saved until you upload its file. If you don't upload a file before saving, this message will appear:

How customers download their file

After it's purchased, the file is available for download in the Order Confirmation page. The customer will automatically receive the standard order confirmation email, followed by an email containing a link to the file.

Note: If you change the file in the digital product and then resend the download link, the email will include the latest version of the file.

Additional options

Beyond the basics, you can add more to your product for further customization, including detailed descriptions, a custom form, images, and custom buttons. To learn more, visit Adding additional information to products.


Can I prevent the file from being copied or shared?

To protect the security of your digital transactions, every download link is unique to the purchase and expires 24 hours after the link is first clicked.

However, since these are digital files, there's no way to prevent copying and sharing after the file is downloaded.

Can I add quantity and variants to digital products?

No. Digital products don't have options for quantity or variants. To create a similar digital product, add a new digital product and upload a different file.


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