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Your built-in search page

Every Squarespace site has a built-in search function that anyone can access by adding a /search slug to your domain. You can use this page as an internal tool to quickly find site content, or you can use it to create a public search page.

For a full list of site content indexed for search, visit Adding search to your site.

Open the search page

To access your search page, add /search to the end of your domain in your browser address bar.

You can add this to your built-in domain:

Or to a custom domain:

The search box works similarly to the Search Block and other search engines -- just enter search terms and results will auto-populate. Click any result to go to that page.

Create a public search page

To create a search option in your navigation, you can add the search URL as a navigation link. This is useful for adding a search feature to the top of your site if your template doesn't support Search Blocks in its header.

In the Pages panel, click the + icon to add a new page and choose the Link option.

In the Link Title box, enter a title for the link as it will display in the menu, for example, "Search." Then add your search page URL in the link box. Click Save to create the link.

Note: Although the search page is technically a part of your site, you’ll still need to add it as an external link.

You’ll now have a search page accessible from your navigation.


Can I hide my search page from search engines?

It’s not possible to hide the /search URL from your site map or prevent it from being indexed by search engines. There are a couple reasons for this:

  1. The /search URL isn't included in your site's robots.txt file, which lets you specify certain URLs that you don't want search engines to crawl. There isn't a way to edit the robots.txt file.
  2. Since /search isn't actually an editable page on your site, there's no way to add page-specific code injection to the page header, such as a "noindex" tag.

Instead, it helps to focus on making your other pages rank more highly. Your homepage, for example, should rank more highly than your search page since it will have more relevant content.

To learn more visit, Increasing your site’s visibility to search engines.

Can I redesign or delete my search page?

It’s not possible to redesign or delete the search page, as this is automatically generated by Squarespace. However, your search page will still display any site-wide styles that you’ve set in your Style Editor. It will also display your site title, navigation, and footer content.

Note: In the Avenue, Five, WexleyFarro family, and York family templates, content added to per-page header, intro, or footer areas on the System Default 404 page also appears on the /search page.

If you prefer to use a customized search page, we recommend creating a new page that uses the Search Block. If you create your own search page, you'll need to use a URL slug different than /search.

Tip: If a visitor presses Return or Enter after a entering a query in a Search Block, the results will open in the /search page.

Why isn’t my search query generating results?

Try the following steps to generate search results:

If you're still not seeing results after following these troubleshooting steps, contact us, and a Customer Care Advisor will be happy to assist you. We'll attempt to restart your site's search on our end.

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