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Changing a product's featured image

A product's featured image represents the item in certain areas of a site, such as product blocks, summary blocks, store pages in version 7.1 and advanced store pages in version 7.0. Featured images also represent a product on social media if you don't upload an Alternate Social Sharing Images.

By default, the first image that displays in the product editor becomes the featured image. Follow these steps to edit or replace a product's featured image.

To set variant-specific images to appear on the product details page when shoppers browse variants, visit Product images.

Note: We recently updated the product editor, so the steps in this guide might not match what you see on your site. You can switch to the new product editor at any time, or follow the steps in Using the classic product editor if you aren’t ready to switch.

Change a featured image

To change your product's featured image:

  1. In the Home menu, click Pages, then click a store page.
  2. Click All, then double click a product to open the product editor.

You can also open the Inventory panel and double click a product to open the editor.

  1. To add a featured image, click Featured image and upload a file from your computer.
  2. To replace an existing featured image, click the ... icon and click Delete. Then click Featured image to upload a new photo.

Display by version and template

To learn more about where featured images display, visit Product Images.

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Changing a product's featured image