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Creating an Under Construction page

After you upgrade to paid service, you can add an Under Construction or Coming Soon page to maintain your web presence and build anticipation while your site is in progress. Choose one of three ways to create this type of page: 

  • To give specific visitors a password to preview your paid or trial site, use a site-wide password and lock screen.
  • To use a bold, full-page design without password-only access, use a Cover Page. You can also add a newsletter signup form with this option.
  • To build a more custom page without password-only access, use a Layout Page.
  • To use a Cover Page or Layout Page, your site must be paid and set to Public.
  • The lock screen option is available on trial and paid sites.
  • Cover Pages aren't available in version 7.1. To build an Under Construction page in 7.1, use the lock screen or Layout Page options.

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Before you begin

Domains that aren’t connected to a site have parking pages. These show the domain, but don’t support pages or lock screens.

Under Construction pages and SEO

If you’re using a Cover Page or a Layout Page, search engines might index the page so it can appear in search results. To hide the page from search engines, use a "noindex” tag

Lock screens hide the site from search engines automatically.

Option 1 - Use a Cover Page

Cover Pages are simple and eye-catching, and they make great Under Construction pages. Cover Pages have built-in tools for adding imagery, text, branding, and calls to action in a standalone, full-bleed page.

To use a Cover Page as your Under Construction Page:

  1. Create a Cover Page.
  2. Set the Cover Page as your homepage to hide other pages on your site.
  3. Upgrade to paid service, if you haven't already.
  4. In the Site Availaibility panel, select Public to publish the page.
Tip: To collect email addresses before your site launches, add a form to the Cover Page.

Here's an example with imagery:

And here's an example with a background color:

Option 2 - Use a lock screen

If you add a site-wide password, people who visit your site will see a lock screen. The default style is light gray with minimal text, and you can customize it to turn it into an Under Construction page. This gives most visitors a general page to find, and anyone with the password can enter it to view the site's other pages. This option is available for trial and paid sites.

To use a lock screen as your Under Construction page:

  1. Set a site-wide password.
  2. Design your lock screen. For example, you can add text like Under Construction or Coming Soon.
  3. Share the password with anyone who can preview your site.

Here's an example of a lock screen used as an Under Construction page: 

Option 3 - Use a Layout Page

For a more DIY approach, you can use a Layout Page. This is a good option if you want to use blocks or add custom code to the page.

To use a Layout Page as an Under Construction page:

  1. Create a Layout Page.
  2. Move all other pages to the Not Linked section, or disable them to keep visitors from finding the other pages as you work on them.
  3. Set the Layout Page as your homepage.
  4. Upgrade to paid service, if you haven't already.
  5. In the Site Availability panel, select Public to publish the page.

Here's an example of a Layout Page used as an Under Construction page. It includes an Image Block, two Text Blocks, and a Social Links block:


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Creating an Under Construction page