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Getty Images and Squarespace

With our partnership with Getty Images, you can license editorial and stock photography to use on your site.

Tip: You can also add free stock images with our Unsplash integration.

How it works

  1. Search - Search Getty Images almost anywhere you can add an image in Squarespace, including:
  • Image Blocks
  • Gallery Blocks
  • Gallery Pages
  • Page Thumbnail Images
  • Cover Pages that support imagery
  • Banner or background images
  • Mobile fallback images
  1. Preview - Preview images on your site until you find one you like.
  2. License - Pay for the image and receive a high-resolution, watermark-free version.
  3. Reuse - Reuse any added Getty Image in other places on your site, as many times as you need.

Pricing and billing

Refund policy

Getty Image purchases are non-refundable.

Before licensing an image, we highly recommend previewing it until you're happy with how it looks. Previews are risk-free, and you can preview multiple images for as long as you want.

To learn more about refunds, visit Refund policies.

Licensing details

Please license any Getty Images that you use publicly, including images that you share to social networks or set as a page thumbnail. The watermarked preview images are there for you to get a feel for how an image would look on your site.

  • You'll license images directly through your Squarespace account.
  • You’ll have a high-resolution version to keep and use anywhere on your site.
  • Licensed images are tied to each site. If you have multiple Squarespace sites under one account, it’s not possible to use the same images across multiple sites.

If you keep a watermarked image without licensing it, your live site will have a banner stating "This page is using preview images from Getty Images. Please purchase them to remove the banner." Visitors will see this banner on all pages of your site.

After a while, you may receive a takedown notice, or the image may be automatically removed from your site.

Am I eligible?

  • To license Getty Images to your site, you must have an active, paid Squarespace website.
  • During your trial, you can only preview images.
  • Admins, Content Editors, and Store Managers can license Getty Images. To allow these contributors to make Getty purchases, check Allow Non-Admins to Purchase Assets in the Permissions panel. To restrict licensing to Admins only, uncheck this setting.
  • If your Squarespace 7 site's billing is linked to Squarespace 5, you'll need to unlink billing to use Getty Images.

Getting started

For help adding Getty Images to your site, visit these guides:


A banner says I'm previewing a Getty Image, but I can't see a watermarked image.

Where the banner displays will give you an idea of where to look for the watermarked image. If the banner displays on all pages, the image may be in a site-wide element, such as the footer. If the banner only displays on one page, the image is on that page, but may not be visible. Use these methods to find the image:

  • Open Settings for the page where the banner displays, then check the Media tab to remove any watermarked Getty Images. For example, in certain templates, the Index Page's thumbnail image won't display on your site, but will still trigger the Getty Image banner.
  • If any content areas on your site are hidden, such as sidebars, page headers, page footers, or intro areas, use Site Styles to display them. Check each area for watermarked images.

Which contributors can purchase Getty Images?

By default, Site Owners, Admins, Content Editors, and Store Managers can license images. You can prevent Content Editors and Store Managers from purchasing images by unchecking Allow Non-Admins to Purchase Assets in the Permissions panel.

If I edited an image and want to start over, do I have to license it again?

No. You can delete the image or remove the block, and follow these steps to re-add the image for free.

I can’t license the image

If you see an error message when trying to license an image, it means that your site is a trial. You'll need to upgrade to paid service to license Getty Images.

I found an image directly on Getty Images, but I can't find it through Squarespace. Can I still license it?

Getty offers more images that aren't available through our integration. For convenience, we recommend choosing a similar image through our integration.

To license an image from Getty that isn't available through our integration, feel free to purchase the image license directly and then upload it to your site. Ensure you follow the rules of its license.

What happens if an artist removes their image from Getty Images?

Artists own the images they submit, and they might request to have them removed from the library. 

If Getty Images removes an image you’ve already licensed, you can keep using it on its current site. However, you can't license it on other sites. If you’re previewing an image that Getty Images removes, it will disappear from your site.

Terms of Service

Before using Getty Images, review our Image Terms.

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Getty Images and Squarespace