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Accessing your Squarespace domain's DNS settings

If you registered your domain through Squarespace, you can access its DNS settings in the Domains panel. There are only a few reasons for editing these settings, like if you're forwarding your domain or setting up a third-party email service.

Other ways to manage your domain

Many domain management tasks don't involve using DNS settings. For help, visit these guides instead:

Open your domain's DNS settings

To access your domain's DNS settings:

  1. In the Home menu, click Settings, then click Domains. If you're using a parking page, start by clicking the domain name in your parking page menu.
  2. Under Squarespace domains, click the domain name. If you have multiple Squarespace domains, you'll manage their DNS settings separately.
  3. Click DNS Settings.

Add preset DNS records for email, domain forwarding, and other services

Certain domain tasks, like configuring MX records for a third-party email provider or setting up domain forwarding, require specific records. To add records based on what you're setting up, there are preset records that can help you enter the information correctly.

Select one of these options from the Add Presets drop-down menu. For help with steps outside of this panel, like getting specific records from another provider, contact that provider for support:

Preset option


Google Workspace

Select this preset if you signed up for Google Workspace through a company other than Squarespace, or if you previously deleted your MX records. Visit Adding Google Workspace MX records to learn more. 

Zoho Mail

Select this preset to add the required fields for Zoho Mail. You’ll also need to add a unique verification code CNAME. Visit Using Zoho Mail with your Squarespace domain to learn more.

Forward Domain

Select this preset to forward your domain to a different URL.

Forward Subdomain

Select this preset to forward a subdomain to a different URL.

Website Defaults

If you've deleted or edited the original settings for your Squarespace domain, select this preset to restore the default records.


Select this preset to add a subdomain to your root domain.

Google Workspace verification

Select this preset to retry your Google Workspace verification on a parking page.

When you're finished adding DNS records, click Save at the top of the page.

Add custom DNS records

To add a new record, choose the record type from the drop-down menu in the bottom row of the Custom Records section. Then enter the record information.

You can add and edit these records:

  • A
  • AAAA
  • MX
  • TXT
  • SPF
  • SRV

For detailed steps, visit Adding custom DNS records to your Squarespace domain

Add website defaults

Website defaults are DNS settings that point your domain to your site. If you've deleted or edited your DNS settings and your domain is no longer connecting, follow these steps to restore the default settings:

  1. In the Home menu, click Settings, then click Domains.
  2. Click the domain you're working to connect.
  3. Click DNS Settings.
  4. Select Squarespace Defaults from the Add Presets drop-down menu.
  5. Click Add.

Error message: DNS Record Conflict

If you see a "DNS Record Conflict: This preset conflicts with a previously added preset" error message when trying to add presets, it means your DNS settings already have a record or records that conflict with the presets. The records you're trying to add may duplicate ones already saved on your domain or interfere with other records in place.

To identify the conflict, look for similar types of records or records with data that might conflict. For example, it's not possible to add MX records for both Google Workspace and Zoho Mail.

If you don't see any conflicting records, click Save on the panel and refresh the page, then try adding the presets you want again.

Next steps

Learn more about customizing your domain using presets and custom records:

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