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Video Series: Getting Started with Squarespace

We know that starting a new website and a new platform can be daunting at first, so we've created these short videos to show you simple things you can do to get your web presence up and running. The series below will walk you through starting a site, adding content, designing it, and signing up for paid service. If you're new to Squarespace, bookmark this page for future reference while you create your site.

These videos apply to version 7.0. For help getting started with version 7.1, visit Squarespace version 7.1.

1. The first steps

The first step to creating a Squarespace site is starting a trial. We offer a 14-day free trial so you can try Squarespace and get to know our features. This video covers signing up and entering the basic information for your site.

  • Selecting a template (0:27)
  • Starting a trial (1:14)
  • Getting to know your site  (1:25)
  • Logo, tagline, and favicon image (1:45)
  • Setting basic information (2:18)
Additional Resources:

2. Your pages & navigation

Your site consists of pages in a navigation menu and additional unlinked pages. This video shows how to create a new page and options for organizing content using features like Index Pages and folders.

  • Removing demo content and pages (0:05)
  • Restoring deleted pages (0:20)
  • Read Me page (0:31)
  • Adding a new Gallery Page (0:40)
  • Editing a page's settings (1:15)
  • Adding a page password (1:38)
  • Adding Content Blocks to a page (2:20)
  • Using a Form Block (3:05)
Additional Resources:

3. The site style

You can explore a variety of appearances for your site by switching templates. Use Site Styles to customize this appearance, invent a more unique look, or match it to your existing brand. This video demonstrates switching templates and using Site Styles.

  • Site Styles (0:14)
  • Changing colors, fonts, and padding (0:44)
  • Revert to default style (1:25)
Additional Resources:

4. Signing up & moving forward

After designing your site, you can upgrade the trial and add a custom domain. This video explains how Squarespace accounts work, upgrading a trial, and connecting a domain name.

  • How accounts work (0:05)
  • Upgrading a trial (0:55)
  • Viewing multiple sites (1:07)
  • Inviting contributors (1:20)
  • Managing domains (1:36)
  • Renaming a built-in domain (1:45)
  • Adding a custom domain (2:14)
  • Setting up email service (2:54)
  • Connecting social accounts (3:17)
  • Viewing analytics (3:55)
Additional Resources:

5. Next Steps

When you've completed this series, we recommend taking a look at our Next Steps Video Series.

You can also visit these guides to learn more about getting started:

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Video Series: Getting Started with Squarespace