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Video Series: Getting Started with Squarespace

Starting a new website and a new platform can be daunting at first, so we've created these short videos to show some first steps you can take to get your web presence up and running. The series below will walk you through starting a site, adding content, designing it, and signing up for paid service. If you're new to Squarespace, bookmark this page for future reference while you create your site.

What's my site's version and template?

Most Squarespace sites are on version 7.1 or version 7.0. Most videos in this guide apply to version 7.1. If you're not sure which version your Squarespace site is on, visit What's my site's version and template?

First steps

We recommend planning what kind of website you want to make and preparing your images or other content before starting your free Squarespace trial.


When you're ready to build your site, visit Starting a Squarespace trial.

All about pages

On version 7.1, pages are built out of multiple page sections. These videos explore different types of page sections and how to use them on your website.

Page sections

After adding a page, you can edit existing sections or add block sections and gallery sections to it, depending on what kind of content you want to showcase. Rearrange or style individual sections to make certain content stand out and match your vision.


To learn more, visit Page sections.

Gallery sections

Gallery sections display multiple images in a variety of layouts. You can edit the images after you upload, add image descriptions, and customize the section colors.


To learn more, visit Gallery sections.

Collection page sections

Collection pages include special sections where you can add sets of items like blog posts, events, portfolio projects, or products.


To learn more, visit Collection page sections.

Hiding pages from your navigation

You can add pages that you don't want to appear in your navigation to the Not linked section of your Pages panel.


To learn more, visit The Not linked section.

All about style and design

The style and design of your site includes everything from font and color choices to background images and layout spacing. With these options, you can ensure the look and feel of the site matches your vision for your brand or business. You can also customize the style of each page section individually.

Style and design options

On version 7.1, you can find site-wide style options in the Design panel, and individual section styles by clicking pencil icons on page sections. 


To learn more, visit Making style changes.

Changing fonts

Select a font pack for your site and use it to make global changes to all fonts or customize specific font styles.


To learn more, visit Changing fonts.

Changing colors

Choose a color palette for your site or create your own, then customize section themes for a variety of color combinations to use in different sections.


To learn more, visit Changing colors.

Building a site header

In your site's header, you can add a site title or logo, a call-to-action button, social links, and a cart icon. Style and arrange the elements to fit your site's aesthetic.


To learn more, visit Building a site header.

Editing footers

Your site's footer, like a page, is made up of sections. Add, edit, and arrange one or multiple block sections within the footer to meet your site's needs.


To learn more, visit Editing footers.

Site-wide animations

Add animations to elements throughout your site, giving your content a dynamic and reactive feel as visitors scroll through.


To learn more, visit Site-wide animations.

Styling image captions

Add captions to your images to help visitors and search engines better understand your content. Style the font and color of captions to fit your site's aesthetic.


To learn more, visit Styling image captions.

Marketing and SEO

Use Squarespace's built-in marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) features to help your content reach your intended audience. You can also set up your website to guide visitors to social media profiles for your brand or business.


Your site includes a number of built-in SEO features, both for site-wide SEO and SEO for individual collection items. We recommend adding SEO information wherever possible to help search engines better understand and index your content.


To learn more, visit SEO checklist.

Google Search Console

Connect and verify your site with Google Search Console so you can view keyword analytics and request Google index your site.


To learn more, visit Verifying your site with Google Search Console.

Social links blocks

Add social links blocks to your site to connect your social media accounts and display icons linking to them. These blocks guide visitors to other important aspects of your online presence.


To learn more, visit Social links blocks.

Your account dashboard

If you have multiple sites, you'll manage and navigate between them from your account dashboard.


To learn more, visit Your account dashboard.

Getting started with a version 7.0 site

Squarespace version 7.0 is our previous version of the platform. It shares a lot in common with version 7.1, but there are key differences, including the way version 7.0 handles content, templates, and style changes. Learn more about starting with a 7.0 design before getting started. We offer a 14-day free trial so you can try it out and get to know our features.

Your pages and navigation

Your site consists of pages in a navigation menu and additional unlinked pages. This video shows how to create a new page and options for organizing content using features like index pages and folders.

Additional Resources:

The site style

You can explore a variety of appearances for your site by switching templates. Use site styles to customize this appearance, invent a more unique look, or match it to your existing brand. This video demonstrates switching templates and using site styles.

Additional Resources:

Next steps

When you've completed this series, we recommend taking a look at our Next Steps Video Series.

Getting started with other Squarespace services

Aside from building your website, you can also use Squarespace to send email campaigns and set up scheduling services with additional Squarespace subscriptions.

Getting started with Squarespace Email Campaigns

With Squarespace Email Campaigns, you can create and send email campaigns or newsletters that match the look and feel of your website.

Getting started with Squarespace Scheduling

With Squarespace Scheduling, you can set up an appointment calendar to book clients for appointments and collect essential information.

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Video Series: Getting Started with Squarespace