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Premium features

With Premium features, you can create a Squarespace website or online store with custom content and integrations that help your business grow. Premium features, which include the Commerce platform, are available on the Business and Commerce plans.

Premium features aren't available on the Personal plan. If you're on this plan, you can upgrade at any time to use them.

List of Premium features

The following features are only available on the Business and Commerce plans. They’re designed to meet the needs of any small business or organization, from restaurants, to nonprofits, to stores:

Note: Certain features, like Abandoned Cart Recovery, Purchase Funnel Analytics, and some third-party commerce integrations, are only available in Commerce plans.

Premium features for other subscriptions

Automated campaigns are a Premium feature for Email Campaigns available on Core, Pro, and Max Email Campaign plans.

Premium access during your trial

Your 14-day Squarespace trial gives you a taste of what it’s like to work with Squarespace. Throughout your trial, you’ll have access to most Premium features so you can play with them and see if they’ll work for your site needs.

Trial sites can’t accept payments, so Commerce platform features and the Donation Block won't be fully functional. However, you can use your trial to set up your store, add products, and preview what it’s like to run an eCommerce business on Squarespace.

Choose the right plan

When you’re done with your trial, and if you have any of these features on your site, we recommend choosing a plan that includes them (Business plan or higher).

If you decide to subscribe to the Personal plan, your site won't include Premium features. You can upgrade your plan at any time to use them again.


If you’re on a Business or Commerce plan and change to the Personal plan, Premium features will no longer be available on your site. When you select the plan, you’ll see a message reminding you that you’ll lose these features.

  • Premium blocks will disappear from your live site. You'll still see them when you're logged in.
  • Commerce features will be disabled. Visitors can view your Products Pages, but they won't be able to check out or make donations. 
  • Code Injection will be disabled. The code will remain in the Code Injection panel for your reference, but you won't be able to edit it.
  • If Developer Mode was activated before you downgraded, it will remain on, but you won't be able to edit the code.

You can switch back to a Business or Commerce plan at any time to regain full access to these features.


If you're on the Personal Plan, you can upgrade your plan at any time to access Premium features.

Code Block

On every plan, the Code Block supports:

  • HTML
  • Plain text
  • Markdown
  • CSS code, when surrounded by <style></style> tags.

Adding JavaScript or iframes to a Code Block is a Premium feature available in the current Website Business plan and higher.

  • Available in:
    • All trials
    • All Business and Commerce plans
    • Legacy Personal plan (no longer available for new subscriptions)
  • Not available in:
    • Current Personal plan

If you've added this code while on trial or on a higher plan, the code will remain in the block, but won't be functional. When you're logged in, you'll see a note that the code isn't supported. This note isn't visible to your visitors. To use JavaScript or iframe code, upgrade your plan.


Our award-winning Customer Support Team can help you choose the right plan for your needs.

Note: We periodically change our plan offerings to best group features for our customers. If you’ve used Squarespace before and have an active website on a Personal plan, some of these features are available on your site.
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