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Building a salon site

Your salon site is the online identity for your business and helps you present your services, introduce your team, and attract new clients. Whether you specialize in hair, nails, spa services, or even tattoos, a stylish site is the first step in showing off your business and helping your clients.

This guide explores ideal templates for salons, tips for displaying your services and rates, and options for online booking.

Choose a template

All Squarespace templates let you add a gallery, customize text, and add online booking integrations, but the following templates work especially well for salons. Each one opens with a big image or video background to showcase your latest styles and let potential clients feel welcome.


Camino uses a full-bleed landing page image as a dramatic entrance to your business. Individual pages have a unique overlay header that fades away as you scroll and overlay colors to match your site’s theme.

For detailed instructions, visit Camino’s template guide.



Fulton stacks multiple pages into one seamless, scrolling experience to let potential clients see all important information at once. Alternate images with text to engage visitors and show off your latest styles.

For detailed instructions, visit Fulton’s template guide.



Maple uses parallax scrolling to create an illusion of depth and connection to your content. Mimic the demo content by adding a video background to your homepage, giving visitors a glimpse into your salon.

For detailed instructions, visit Maple’s template guide.



Montauk frames the homepage photo with white space, letting your image stand out. Montauk also has space for a prominent logo, letting you put your brand on the center stage.

For detailed instructions, visit Montauk’s template guide.


Describe your services

Use a Regular Page to list your services and their prices. For some services, you may want to add a short description or explanation of what makes yours unique. You can use a starter layout, or start with a blank layout and build the page with Text Blocks.

If you have many different categories, you can split each one into its own page, then create a drop-down menu using folders in your navigation.


Introduce your team

Let potential clients get to know your team of stylists by filling in an About starter layout. Add a team member’s image to the Image Block, then fill in the Text Block with a short bio. If you have more team members than the starter layout allows for, follow our steps for adding more blocks.

Display hours and location

Help your clients easily find your salon’s location and hours with a Contact page. Include a Mobile Information Bar to help visitors quickly find your contact information from their phones.


Offer appointments

Follow our steps for adding online booking to let visitors book appointments directly from your site. You can use our integration with Acuity Scheduling or add a different service you use.

Alternatively, help clients book via email or phone by displaying an email address and phone number on your homepage or contact page. For help formatting email addresses and phone numbers as links, visit Create an email or phone link.

Link your social media

Promote your Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, or other social media by connecting your accounts and displaying the icons on your site. For most templates, it helps to include these in your site-wide footer, letting potential clients connect from any page of your site.

If you use Instagram to show off your work, add an Instagram Block somewhere on your site to let visitors see all your happy clients.

Optimize for search engines

Your Contact page will help Google and other search engines find you, especially in local searches. To double your search engine power, we recommend signing up for Google MyBusiness, verifying your site with Google Search Console, and following our best practices can help your salon’s search ranking.

Personalize your domain

Register a domain to match your business name, or transfer an existing domain to Squarespace. If you’re on an eligible plan, your Squarespace Domain is free for the first year.

To learn more, visit Squarespace Domains.

Next steps

Now that you have a shiny new site to match your salon’s style, use our guides to keep customizing your site and bringing in new clients.

  • Note special hours or upcoming events with an Announcement Bar.
  • Add visitors to a mailing list or offer discounts with a Promotional Pop-Up.
  • Add a Gallery Page to show off before-and-after client transformations
  • Add an FAQ page to explain group discounts, payment types, and policies.
  • Upload a custom logo and favicon to clearly identify your site. 
  • Visit our Getting Started tutorial series for general tips on getting your site up and running.
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