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Forwarding a Squarespace Domain

You can use your Squarespace Domain’s Advanced DNS Settings panel to forward the domain to a different site or page. When visitors enter the domain, they’ll see the other site, and the other site’s URL will display in the browser address bar. This can be helpful if you want to use the domain for a different site, but it’s not eligible for transfer.

You can also use these settings to forward a subdomain. This is useful if you have another element of your brand on a second site, like a store or blog, that you’d like to direct to another site.

This guide explains the different steps for forwarding a domain or subdomain, depending on where the URL will go.

Bevor Sie beginnen

  • Forwarding your domain is an advanced step that you might not need. In most cases, there are simpler ways to use a domain with another site.
  • Review the differences between pointing and forwarding to ensure that you’re choosing the right option.
  • This guide covers forwarding Squarespace Domains. To forward a domain or subdomain you registered with a third party, follow your provider’s documentation.
  • This process will forward both the "www" and the "naked" version of your domain — for example, www.yourdomain.com and yourdomain.com.
  • Es ist nicht möglich, eine integrierte Domain weiterzuleiten.
  • Informationen dazu, wie Sie eine Sub-Domain auf die Hauptdomain auf derselben Website, statt auf eine bestimmte Seite weiterleiten können, finden Sie unter Erstellen einer Sub-Domain für Ihre Squarespace-Domain.

Forward to a non-Squarespace site

To forward a domain or subdomain outside of Squarespace, use the presets in your Advanced DNS settings.

Tip: To redirect a domain to Big Cartel or SmugMug, follow our specific steps for pointing the domain instead of the steps in this guide.
  1. Open Advanced DNS settings for the domain you’d like to forward.  In this example, we’re using the domain “createbeautifulwebsite.org.”


  1. Löschen Sie im Abschnitt Website-Standardeinträge Ihre Standardeinträge. Ihre Domain kann nicht auf eine andere Website weiterleiten, wenn diese Standardeinträge vorhanden sind. Sie können sie bei Bedarf später jederzeit wieder hinzufügen.
Note: If you have a custom CNAME record with host www instead of default records, delete that instead. It's not possible to forward a Squarespace Domain with a www record in place. 


  1. From the Add Presets drop-down menu, select Forward Domain.


  1. In the URL field, add the full URL of the domain or specific page to forward to, and then click Add.
Note: The screenshot below uses www.squarespace.com as an example, but you should use the domain you’re forwarding to.


  1. In a new private or incognito window, enter your domain’s URL. If your records are correct, you’ll be directed to the new site and that site’s URL will appear in the browser address bar.

Forward a subdomain

The process for forwarding a subdomain also uses a preset in the Advanced DNS Settings panel. Forwarding a subdomain can be helpful if you want to extend part of your brand, like a store or blog, onto a second site.

Since a subdomain is an extension of an existing root domain, ensure that you start with the site using that root domain. For example, to forward the subdomain “blog.mysite.com,” start by logging into the site using the “mysite.com” root domain. 

Note: Ensure that the subdomain isn’t linked as a third-party domain in the Domains panel. If you try to forward it, you’ll see an error.
  1. Öffnen Sie die erweiterten DNS-Einstellungen für die Root-Domain.
  2. From the Add Presets drop-down menu, select Forward Subdomain.


  1. In the Subdomain field, enter the name of the subdomain to forward, such as blog.
  2. In the URL field, enter the full URL of the domain or specific page you’d like to forward to.
  3. Click Add to complete the process.


  1. In a new private or incognito window, enter your subdomain URL. If your records are correct, you’ll be directed to the new page or site and that site’s URL will appear in the browser address bar.

Forward to a different Squarespace site

Instead of forwarding the domain, move it to the other site. You don’t need to use a forwarding preset, meaning you’ll go through less steps. Moving your domain also moves your domain subscription to the second site, letting you manage all relevant site subscriptions in one place.

To use a subdomain on the other site, create a subdomain after moving the root domain. You can then set the subdomain as the site’s primary domain.  

Forward to a different page on the same site

To forward a domain to a different page of the same site, use the same process for forwarding to a non-Squarespace site, but enter the full page URL, including the specific page slug. You can forward either a root domain or a subdomain to a specific page.


For example, if we want to forward the domain “createbeautifulwebsite.org” to our site’s Blog Page, we’ll use the Forward Domain preset and the primary domain URL with the Blog Page slug.

Es wird eine Meldung mit dem Titel „DNS-Konfliktwarnung“ angezeigt

You’ll see this message if the subdomain you're trying to forward is connected to your site as a third-party domain. This creates a conflict in your Advanced DNS settings. If you’re forwarding a subdomain, you don’t need to connect it. You only need to create it in your root domain’s Advanced Settings panel. 

Überprüfen Sie, ob das Problem durch Ihre Domain-Einstellungen verursacht wird. Wenn dies der Fall ist, wird Ihnen im Bereich „Domains von Drittanbietern“ eine verknüpfte Domain angezeigt, die folgendermaßen aussieht:


Zudem werden Ihnen in den erweiterten Einstellungen der ursprünglichen Domain Sub-Domain-Einstellungen folgender Art angezeigt:


Use the following steps to resolve this:

  1. Follow the steps in Disconnecting a third-party domain to remove the subdomain.
  2. Return to the original domain’s Advanced Settings panel and delete any custom records you’ve added for the subdomain.
  3. Click Save at the top of the page.
  4. Forward your subdomain again using the preset.

My domain isn't forwarding

Due to the way that browsers cache information, your domain forwarding may only work in a private or incognito window at first. If your records are correct, your regular browser will eventually forward the domain, but you can speed up the process by clearing your browser's cache.

Remove domain forwarding

To remove domain forwarding:

  1. Open your domain's advanced DNS settings.
  2. Hover over the domain forwarding settings.
  3. Click the trash can icon.
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