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Connecting Instagram to Squarespace

Instagram is a photo sharing app. This guide explores different ways you can use Instagram with Squarespace. 

Here's what you can do with this integration: 

Social icon Share button Push content Pull content Other
Yes No No Yes Yes

Antes de começar

  • Make sure you're logged out of Instagram on your device. Otherwise, your site will automatically connect to the account you're logged into. 
  • If you're using a single login for multiple Instagram accounts, you must create separate login credentials for the Instagram account you want to connect to your Squarespace site. Learn more in Instagram's Help Center.

Vincule sua conta do Instagram

To authorize your account:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings.
  2. Click Connected Accounts.
  3. Click Connect Account.
  4. Select Instagram from the Social Accounts menu. 
  5. Log in using your Instagram username and password. 

Add a social icon

  1. Em Menu Inicial, clique em Configurações.
  2. Clique em Links de Redes Sociais.  
  3. Add your Instagram profile link. 
  4. Marque Exibir Ícone de Redes Sociais
  5. Clique em Salvar

Para passos mais detalhados, acesse Como adicionar links de redes sociais.

After adding your Instagram link, the social icon will automatically display in most templates, but not all of them. You can also add social icons using the Social Links Block.

Pull content from Instagram using a block

You can display your Instagram feed on your pages using the Instagram Block. This is a great way to create a gallery of your Instagram photos without using Gallery Blocks or Gallery Pages.

If you add the Instagram Block, check Download Data in your Connected Accounts to automatically sync photos from Instagram. 

The Instagram Block updates the feed about every 30 minutes. To refresh the connection between Squarespace and Instagram, return to Connected Accounts, click your Instagram account, and then click Reset Data.

Tag products on Instagram

Use Shopping on Instagram to tag Squarespace products in your posts, so followers can shop from your store without leaving the Instagram app. To learn more, visit Tagging products on Instagram.

Instagram Direct

Use Instagram Direct to send your site URL in threaded messages to other Instagram users. To ensure the right information appears with your URL in an Instagram Direct message, always share the correct version of the URL. We also recommend adding a social sharing logo to your site; in most cases, social networks choose this image to share in posts and messages. 

If Instagram shows the wrong image or content with your URL, use Facebook's debugger tool to ensure that Instagram is looking for the most up-to-date version of your site. Visit Instagram's Help Center for additional troubleshooting tips. 

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Connecting Instagram to Squarespace