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Creating shipping zones

To limit where you ship products or set shipping fees based on location, follow this guide to create regional shipping zones. After your store has shipping zones, customers will see their shipping options after they enter a shipping address.

For example, you can offer in-store pickup for customers within specific postal codes. Or, if you sell perishables, you can charge more for long-distance expedited shipping. 

Tip: Run a test order to ensure your shipping options are correct.

Avant de commencer

  • Before setting up shipping zones, first create general shipping rules.
  • Local and regional shipping zones are only available for states and provinces in the United States and Canada.
  • Shipping zones are available for Flat rate and Depending on weight options.

About shipping zones

For each shipping rule you want to apply to a country, state, province, or city, you’ll add a new shipping option. For each shipping option, you'll choose one or more shipping zones.

For example, if you want to charge $5 to ship to the United States, and $10 to ship anywhere else in the world, you might create:

  • One $5 flat rate option with the shipping zones set to United States.
  • Another $10 flat rate option with the shipping zones set to Rest of the world.

Choose shipping zones

When creating a new shipping option, you'll be prompted to select shipping zones. Click the search bar under Ships To to open the country drop-down menu.

When choosing a shipping zone, there are two options:

  • Livraison partout : pour expédier partout dans le monde, choisissez Reste du Monde. Cette option exclut les pays pour lesquels vous avez créé des règles dʼexpédition spécifiques.
  • Ship to specific countries - Search for countries, and add each country where you’ll offer this shipping method. For the United States and Canada, you can choose specific states, provinces, cities, and postal codes.

To edit existing shipping options:

  1. Dans le Menu principal, cliquez sur Commerce, puis sur Expédition.
  2. Open a shipping method, and click the Shipping Zones tab.


Create regional and local shipping zones

Shipping zones by state and province (United States and Canada only)

When you add a country, the shipping option will apply to all states and provinces automatically. To limit it to specific states in the United States or Canada:

  1. Next to United States or Canada, click Edit.
  2. Uncheck the states or provinces where the shipping option won’t be available. 
  3. Cliquez sur Enregistrer.
Tip: Uncheck All States/Provinces to deselect all.


Shipping zones by city (Commerce Advanced plan only)

When you select a state or province, the shipping zone applies to all postal codes within the state or province automatically. If you're on the Commerce Advanced plan, you can apply the shipping zone to specific cities and postal codes within a state or province. 

  1. In the Shipping Zones tab, click Edit beside the United States or Canada. 
  2. Hover over a state or province, then click Add ZIP Codes or Add FSAs
  3. Enter the postal codes where the shipping option will apply within that state, separated by commas, then click Done. There's a limit of 999 zip codes per shipping rule.
  4. When you’re finished adding all states and postal codes, click Done.
  5. In the shipping rule panel, click Save.
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Creating shipping zones