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Creating an Under Construction page

You can add an Under Construction or Coming Soon page to maintain your web presence and build anticipation while you work on your site. Use a Cover Page, Lock Screen, or Regular Page depending on the layout you want to achieve.

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Step 1 - Build the Under Construction page

Option 1 - Use a Cover Page

Cover Pages are simple and eye-catching, and they make great Under Construction pages. Cover Pages have built-in tools for adding imagery, text, branding, and calls to action in a standalone, full-bleed page. You can use a Cover Page to build excitement about your latest updates without offering visitor access.

Tip: Create a form in the Action section of the Cover Page to collect email addresses before your site launches.

Here's an example with imagery:

And here's an example with a background color:

Option 2 - Use a lock screen to give select visitors access

Diseña una pantalla de bloqueo personalizada para que funcione como Página en Construcción con el fin de que algunas personas que visitan tu sitio puedan acceder a él si tienen la contraseña global del sitio. Al igual que la Página de Portada, la pantalla de bloqueo incluye herramientas integradas que te permiten añadir imágenes, texto y características personalizadas de tu marca.

Here's an example of a lock screen used as an Under Construction page. It has a general message for most visitors and a password field. If a visitor correctly enters a password, they can see your site.

Option 3 - Use a Regular Page

For a more DIY approach, you can use a Regular Page. This may be a good option if you want to use blocks or add custom code.

Here's an example of a Regular Page used as an Under Construction page. It includes an Image Block, two Text Blocks, and a Social Links block:

Step 2 - Set the homepage

After building the page, you can set it as your homepage so it's what visitors see when they visit your domain:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Pages.
  2. Hover over the page title, and click the next to the title to open Page Settings.
  3. In Page Settings, scroll down and click Set As Homepage.

For more detailed steps, visit Setting a homepage.

Step 3 - Set page passwords

You may want to set page passwords for all pages except the Under Construction page while you work on your site. This restricts access and prevents search engines from indexing them.

To learn more, visit Setting a page password.

Step 4 - Move other pages

To make the Under Construction page the only visible page on your site, drag and drop other pages to the Not Linked section in the Pages panel. You can also move the Under Construction page to the Not Linked section to remove it from navigation menus.

We recommend this step if you use a Regular Page as your Under Construction page.

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Creating an Under Construction page