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Product reviews

Product reviews build trust with shoppers and can increase your sales. Customers can leave reviews for physical, digital, and service products. It’s not possible to collect reviews for gift cards.

You can send product review request emails if you are on the Commerce Basic or Advanced plan.
Tip:To import product reviews from Etsy, visit our guide on Importing product reviews from Etsy.

How it works

After you enable product reviews, customers who buy physical, digital, or service products will receive an email automatically 14 days after you fulfill their order. Customers can leave a 1500 character written review, and a rating between once and five stars. If they bought a subscription product, they’ll only receive one email requesting a review. Customers have 120 days to review their purchase. If you delete a product, it can’t be reviewed. Review request emails are sent for new purchases after you enable them. They aren't sent for purchases made through point of sale.

This is a preview of the review request email:


This is a preview of the review submission form:


Enable product reviews

To enable product reviews:

  1. In the Home menu, click Commerce, then click Product Reviews.
  2. Switch the Request reviews toggle on to enable product review emails.
  3. Switch the Show reviews toggle on to display product reviews on product details pages.

Customize the product review email

You can customize the text and design of the product review email from the Customer notifications panel:

  1. In the Home menu, click Commerce, then click Customer Notifications.
  2. Click Customer Engagement.
  3. Click Product Review Request.

To learn more about customizing email notifications, visit Customer email notifications.

It’s not possible to customize when the email is sent, or send multiple requests to the same customer.

How product reviews display

Reviews for all products on your site display at the bottom of product details pages. The most recent product review displays first.


Disable product reviews

To stop sending product review request emails:

  1. In the Home menu, click Commerce, then click Product Reviews.
  2. Switch the Request reviews toggle off.

To hide product reviews from your store, switch the Show reviews toggle off. This applies to both requested and imported reviews. If you're on a Business plan, the toggle will say Show Etsy product reviews.


What happens to my reviews if I downgrade?

If you downgrade to a Business plan, you’ll lose the ability to send product review request emails, but reviews you’ve already collected will remain on your product details pages.

Can I delete a product review?

No. It’s not possible to delete a review, but you can hide all reviews from displaying on your product details pages. In the Home menu, click Commerce, then click Product Reviews. Switch off the Show reviews toggle.

Can customers delete or edit their product reviews?

No. It's not possible for customers to delete or edit their product reviews. 

Can I respond to a product review?

It’s not possible to respond directly to reviews. As an alternative, you can email your customers.

Why can’t my customer leave a product review?

There are a few reasons why customers might have trouble leaving a product review:

  • There’s a time limit. Customers can only leave a review within 120 days of their order.
  • The product must still be active in your store.
  • Customers don’t receive the product review request email for subscription renewal orders.
  • Customers can only leave one review per product.
  • Review request emails are only sent for digital products if they are purchased one at a time.
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