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Growing your mailing lists with Squarespace

You can grow your audience for email campaigns by adding forms that encourage site visitors to sign up for your mailing list. Squarespace sites have multiple options for adding new subscribers, and with our Email Campaigns feature, you can store mailing lists directly within your site.

Tip: This guide explains how to collect subscribers using built-in Squarespace features. To add contacts manually or import existing mailing lists, visit Building mailing lists.

Collect new subscribers

There are several ways to add forms to your site that connect to your mailing lists.

  • Newsletter block - Create a form for your site in any area where you can add blocks, such as a layout page, footer, or blog post.
  • Promotional pop-ups - Create a pop-up with a subscription form that appears when visitors land on your site or a specific page.
  • Checkout - During checkout, encourage customers to sign up for your mailing list.
  • Scheduling - Connect a Squarespace Scheduling form to a mailing list so clients can sign up for your list when scheduling an appointment.
  • Point of sale - When you make a sale via Squarespace point of sale in the iOS Squarespace app, customers can subscribe to a mailing list at checkout.
  • Cover pages (version 7.0 only) - Add a newsletter form to a splash page with unique styles.
Tip: To include a "Subscribe" option in your campaign, create a page on your site with a newsletter block, then link to it from a button section.

Use Email Campaigns for storage

For each feature you use to collect new subscribers through Squarespace, connect the form's storage area to an Email Campaigns mailing list. It's not possible to set up the connection in the mailing list's settings.

To check your mailing lists:

  1. In the Home menu, click Marketing, then click Email Campaigns.
  2. Click Mailing Lists, then click the mailing list you want to view.

Each storage area can point to only one mailing list at a time, but you can connect multiple forms to each mailing list. Subscribers will need to verify their subscription before their email address is added to the list.

Tip: You can connect to mailing lists and use them to gather contact information even if you haven't subscribed to Email Campaigns yet.
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Growing your mailing lists with Squarespace