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.nl domains

You can register, transfer, or connect domains ending in .nl to Squarespace. These domains are a great option if you have a business or professional presence in the Netherlands.

The .nl country code top-level domain (ccTLD) follows different rules than most other TLDs we offer. This guide covers the specific requirements and features.

To find a domain's price, you can search for it on our domain name search page or your Domains panel.

TLD features

Browse the table below to learn about the unique features and rules of registering or transferring a domain ending in .nl. If you connect a .nl domain to your site from a third-party provider, these guidelines don’t apply.



Domain locking

These domains can't be locked.

Expired domains

.nl domains don’t have an expiration grace-period. If your domain expires, we’re not able to renew it for you.

Expired domains return to their registrar (Tucows) and are held for 40-45 days in a redemption period. You can contact Tucows to renew it during that period.

Five-day registration grace period

There’s no five-day grace period to cancel these domains and no refunds.

Before registering the domain, ensure you want to keep it. Double-check the domain for typos.

Free domain offer

You can use the free domain offer when registering or transferring a .nl domain.

Transferring to Squarespace

Transferring your .nl domain to Squarespace gives you one new year of registration, but won’t carry over any remaining time from your previous provider. The renewal date for your domain changes to be the day your transfer completes.

Whois privacy

Whois privacy isn't available.


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