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The member experience

This guide shows what a visitor to your site experiences when learning about and signing up for a member area membership.

All of the example screenshots in this guide are from a version 7.1 site for a mock yoga studio named Align & Flow. If you have a version 7.0 site, what members see may look slightly different.

Explore member areas

Before a visitor to your site signs up for one of your member areas, they'll probably want to explore your member area offerings.

On our example Align & Flow site, we used a Member Areas page layout containing three member sign up blocks—one for each member area offered on the site. This gives visitors a place to compare and contrast the different member areas, along with their corresponding descriptions and membership fees.


If we gave each member area a second membership fee option, the member sign up blocks for these member areas would include a fee option picker. Prospective members will use the picker to select their preferred fee option before signing up for a member area.


Sign up for a member area

After your site visitor finds their preferred member area, they'll click the Sign up button in its member sign up block. A pop-up window prompts the visitor to create a customer account or sign into an existing account.

In our example, the site visitor—Jane Doe—selected the Unlimited Yoga & Meditation member area. Because she doesn't already have a customer account on the site, she enters her name and email address, and creates a password before clicking Create account.


Pay for the member area

If your member area has a membership fee, the new member lands on a checkout screen after clicking Create account.

The Unlimited Yoga & Meditation member area has a recurring membership fee of $15 per month, so Jane Doe enters her credit card information and clicks Continue. Keep in mind, if you've created a custom checkout form, your member's experience will look slightly different than in these screenshots.

member area checkout flow 1

Jane Doe then reviews the checkout details and clicks Subscribe.

member area checkout flow 2

Visit the member area

After completing the checkout flow, Jane Doe lands on the membership confirmed page. From here, she can click View member area to navigate to the member homepage for the Unlimited Yoga & Meditation member area.

membership confirmation

View email confirmation

When a new member signs up for membership to one of your member area, they receive your welcome email confirming their new membership. By default, this email welcomes your member, invites them to sign in, and links to the member area homepage.

This is the welcome email Jane Doe received after completing the checkout flow and becoming a member of the Unlimited Yoga & Meditation member area on the Align & Flow site.

member area welcome email

Because the Unlimited Yoga & Meditation member area has a recurring membership fee, Jane Doe also receives an order confirmation email every time she pays the $15 membership fee.

order confirmation email

Navigate around the member area

After a new member completes the checkout flow, they have access to all the gated content in your member area. How they navigate around your member area after logging into their customer account depends on how you've customized your member navigation.

If we set the member navigation for the Unlimited Yoga & Meditation member area to Replace main navigation, Jane Doe sees the name of this member area in the top navigation of the Align & Flow site.

member navigation: replace main navigation 1

When she hovers over the member area's name, all pages in the Unlimited Yoga & Meditation member area appear. She can then click on a page name to navigate to that page of gated content.

member navigation replace main navigation 2

If, instead, we set the member navigation for this member area to Show in the Customer Account Panel, Jane Doe clicks Account in the main navigation to open her Customer Account panel; there, she sees the names of each page in the member area.

member navigation customer account panel

View membership details

After one of your members creates a customer account and completes the entire checkout flow, the Customer Account panel opens on the right side of the screen. This panel also appears immediately after a member signs into their customer account or clicks the Account button in the top navigation.

In our mock site, Jane Doe logs into her account and opens the Customer Account panel.

customer account panel 1

She then clicks Memberships in the panel to view a list of all the member areas on our site to which she has a membership. At this time, she's only purchased a membership to the Unlimited Yoga & Meditation member area.

customer account panel 2

By clicking the name of the member area, Jane Doe sees all her membership details, including the fee amount, frequency, and renewal date. She can click Go to Member Area to navigate to the member homepage for the Unlimited Yoga & Meditation member area, or click Go manage subscription if she's ready to cancel her membership.

customer account panel 3

Learn more

Learn more about how members sign up for and navigate around your member areas in our How members access their customer account guide. For a complete list of the steps you'll need to complete to set up Member Areas on your site, see the Member Areas checklist.

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