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Accepting Afterpay

Afterpay is a payment processor that customers can use to pay for products in installments with zero percent interest.

Afterpay acts as a lender. When a customer pays with Afterpay, you receive the full amount from Afterpay upfront, and your customer reimburses Afterpay in four installments over the next eight weeks.

Enabling Afterpay adds it as a payment option for all physical products in your store. Afterpay isn’t available for digital or service products, or subscriptions.


You can enable Afterpay if:

  • You meet Stripe’s eligibility requirements
  • You’re located in the United States, New Zealand, or Australia
  • You’ve connected Stripe as a payment processor
  • You’re on a Commerce Basic or Commerce Advanced plan
  • You sell physical products

Customers can check out with Afterpay if:

Enable Afterpay

To enable Afterpay:

  1. If you haven’t already, connect a Stripe account.
  2. In the Home Menu, click Commerce, then click Payments.
  3. Click Stripe.
  4. Switch the toggle beside Afterpay on.

When you enable Afterpay, eligible customers will see it as a payment option at checkout for orders within their country’s spending limit.

Processing fees

You pay processing fees for orders made through Afterpay. The fee is 6% of the order total, plus $0.30. This includes Stripe’s processing fee.

How customers check out with Afterpay

To check out with Afterpay, customers follow these steps at checkout:

  1. In the Payment field, they select Afterpay.
  2. They enter their billing address.
  3. They click Continue, and then Continue with Afterpay.
  4. They log into their Afterpay account, or create a new account, accept Afterpay’s terms, and add their payment details.
  5. They review a summary of their future payments, and confirm the transaction.

After confirming their payment, they’re redirected to your store’s Order Confirmed page.

Customers receive an order confirmation email from your store, and they may receive emails from Afterpay about their payment plan, depending on their settings in Afterpay.

The customer’s payment plan is managed entirely by Afterpay, including late payments and delinquency.

Spending limit by country

If the order total is less than one dollar, or over the spending limit for the customer’s country, Afterpay won’t appear as a payment option at checkout.

Country Spending limit
AU $1-$2,000
NZ $1-$2,000
US $1-$1,500

Customers who use Afterpay also have credit limits, which may restrict the number of transactions they can make or the amount they can spend. Credit limits are managed by Afterpay. For more information, customers should contact Afterpay.


When you cancel or refund an order, the payment is returned to Afterpay. From there, Afterpay refunds the customer’s down payment, and any installments they’ve made so far. If you issue a partial refund, the customer’s payment plan with Afterpay changes to reflect the new outstanding balance. Afterpay’s transaction fees are nonrefundable.

Disable Afterpay

When you disable Afterpay, no new purchases can be made through Afterpay. Customers who have already made purchases will complete their payment plans with Afterpay.

To disable Afterpay:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Commerce, then click Payments.
  2. Click Stripe.
  3. Switch the toggle off beside Afterpay.

Supporting customers

If customers have questions about their Afterpay payment plan, why their purchase wasn’t approved, or their Afterpay credit limit, they should contact Afterpay.

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Accepting Afterpay