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Squarespace and Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling, an online booking platform, is a Squarespace company. In early 2020, we released Squarespace Scheduling. Scheduling and Acuity share nearly all of their features, but Scheduling is built into your Squarespace account.

What this means for you

  • If you’re a customer of either or both platforms, nothing changes with how you currently use Squarespace and Acuity.
  • You can add the scheduling block to your site. It can connect to Squarespace Scheduling or Acuity Scheduling.

Differences between Acuity and Scheduling

Both Scheduling and Acuity can function as standalone products that work with any web hosting service.

Scheduling can also be an integrated addition to a Squarespace website and can integrate with Squarespace Campaigns. Acuity account owners can give employees different levels of access, including access to specific calendars only.

Once you've gotten started, you can't change an Acuity account into a Scheduling subscription, or vice versa.

Connect Scheduling or Acuity to your Squarespace site

If you have an Acuity Scheduling account from, continue using the scheduling block with your Acuity URL for appointment booking.

To learn how to to connect a Scheduling account to your site, visit Getting started with Squarespace Scheduling. It's not currently possible to migrate or merge Acuity accounts and Scheduling accounts.

HIPAA Compliance

Squarespace is a separate platform from Squarespace Scheduling and Acuity, so there are differences in compliance you might need to consider if HIPAA is relevant to your business. To learn more, visit Squarespace and HIPAA.

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