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Troubleshooting failed subscription payments

A customer's recurring subscription payment may fail due to outdated payment information or an issue with your store’s Stripe connection.

This guide covers issues with recurring payments for Commerce subscription products. To update your Squarespace account billing details, visit Updating your billing credit card.

What happens when a customer’s subscription payment fails?

When a customer’s payment fails, you both get email notifications. The customer's email includes a link to update their billing information.

Here's an example of the email customers receive:


The charge is attempted again after five days, and then for a final time five days after that. If the payment fails this final time, the subscription is canceled.

Subscription renewals won't appear in the Orders panel if the payment fails.

Ensure the customer’s payment details are correct

If the customer needs help, ask them to update the card on file for their customer account. To do this, they should:

  1. Log into their customer account.
  2. Click Subscriptions.
  3. Click Payment Method.
  4. Click Update Payment Method.

If your customer’s card details are correct, check your Stripe connection.

Check your Stripe connection

Subscription payments may fail if you disconnected your Stripe account or have outdated information saved in Stripe.

After resolving these issues, the subscription renewal will be processed on the next renewal attempt.

Next steps

  • If the customer’s subscription was canceled, they’ll need to purchase the subscription product again to restart the subscription.
  • If your customer’s payment details are up to date, your Stripe connection hasn’t changed, and recurring payments still fail, contact us.
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Troubleshooting failed subscription payments