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Email Campaigns FAQ

Here are some common questions about Squarespace Email Campaigns.

What is Email Campaigns?

Squarespace Email Campaigns is an add-on feature that you can use to send branded marketing email campaigns directly from your website. To learn more, visit Getting started with Squarespace Email Campaigns.

How much does it cost?

The Email Campaigns panel is available on all sites. Some Email Campaigns features are free:

For more access, sign up for an Email Campaigns Plan. The plan you choose sets how many campaigns you can send per month, and what features are available.

For more help and to see how much each plan costs, visit our information on plans and pricing.

I'm already using an email marketing service. How do I switch?

You can get started with Email Campaigns at any time by creating a draft.

When you're ready to send your campaign, export your contacts from your old email marketing service and import them into a mailing list in your Email Campaigns dashboard. You can then send your email to everyone on that list.

What's the difference between campaigns and sends?

The billing plan you choose sets the number of campaigns and sends you can send in a month. You can see how many campaigns and sends you've sent so far in the bottom-left corner of the Email Campaigns Dashboard.

  • Campaigns are the actual emails you're sending. Only blast campaigns count toward the monthly campaigns limit.
  • Sends are the number of individual email addresses you send each campaign to. Both blast and automated campaigns count towards the monthly send limit.

For example, if you send one blast campaign to ten email addresses, that's one campaign and ten sends. If you set up an automated campaign that sends to five email addresses, that's five sends.

For more help, visit Email Campaigns pricing, billing, and invoices.

When are scheduled campaigns counted toward monthly limits?

Scheduled blast campaigns count toward monthly campaign and send limits when they actually send. For example, if you create a draft in May and schedule it to send in June, it counts toward your June limit after it's been sent.

Can I use Email Campaigns with a parking page?

No. You need an active website to sign up for Email Campaigns, but you can continue to use Email Campaigns from an expired site if your website subscription ends.

How do I hide the unsubscribe link?

There isn't a way to hide the unsubscribe link. Including an unsubscribe link in your campaigns is required by regulations like CAN-SPAM. It's also considered a best practice and may prevent people from reporting you as spam.

Tip: You can see who unsubscribed in email campaign analytics.

How do I hide my address?

You must include a mailing address in every campaign. This is required by CAN-SPAM and PECR. If you're not comfortable sharing your personal address, we have suggestions for alternate options.

How do I hide the "Powered by Squarespace" branding?

On the Starter Email Campaigns plan, the Powered by Squarespace branding is always included in the campaign footer. To remove it, upgrade to a higher plan.

To remove the branding on other Email Campaign plans:

  1. While editing the campaign, click the footer section.
  2. Switch the Squarespace Branding toggle off.

How do I copy a draft?

To copy a draft:

  1. In the Email Campaigns dashboard, click Drafts.
  2. Click the draft you want to copy.
  3. Click Actions in the top-right corner.
  4. Click Duplicate.

How do I change the button color in products and blog sections?

While editing the draft:

  1. Click the section.
  2. Click Design in the right panel.
  3. Scroll down and click Color.

How do I find a blog post or product item to put in a campaign email?

When you're adding blog posts or product items to a blog or product section, the posts or items are listed in chronological order. This is true even if you have multiple Blog Pages or Store Pages.

Tip: After you've added the blog posts or products to the section, click Manage to reorder them.

Can I pull in images from my site?

Currently, the only way to add images to an image section is to upload them from a computer or mobile device. To add a picture from your site that you don't have saved:

  1. Open your site in Incognito mode
  2. On a PC, right click the image. On a Mac, press Control and click the image.
  3. Save the image to your device.

How do I add an image without a caption?

To add an image without a caption:

  1. Add a section and choose Images.
  2. After adding your image, choose the Below layout.
  3. Click the Show Caption toggle to hide the caption.

How do I add a slideshow?

The Market layout features an animated gif that looks like a slideshow. To copy this effect, create an animated .gif from your images, then upload it in an image section.

How do I add a video?

There isn't currently a way to embed videos. Instead you can:

  • Add an animated .gif in an image section.
  • Add a text link to a video on your site or a third-party hosting service, like YouTube or Vimeo.

How do I connect my mailing list to a form on my site?

There isn't a way within the mailing list to connect it to a form. Instead, go to the form on your site, and use the Storage tab to connect it to your list.

For example, to connect a mailing list to a Newsletter Block:

  1. Log into your site.
  2. Go to the page with the Newsletter Block.
  3. Open the page or post editor.
  4. Hover over the block and click Edit or the pencil icon.
  5. Choose Email Campaigns as the storage option.
Tip: See our list of forms that can connect to mailing lists.

Can I connect one form to multiple mailing lists?

Each form can connect to one mailing list. To connect a Newsletter Block to multiple mailing lists, add multiple Newsletter Blocks.

Can I connect multiple forms to one mailing list?

Yes, you can connect an unlimited number of forms to a mailing list.

Can Squarespace help improve my results?

We can't provide specific advice because everyone's content, goals, and audience are a little different. There are plenty of resources online that explore ways to build a successful email campaign, and we recommend experimenting to find out what has the best results for your content.

Why is my campaign being reviewed?

If you see an In Review notification when you send your campaign, we're reviewing your campaign as a standard safety check.

To keep all our users safe, we periodically review campaigns to ensure they aren't being used to send malicious content. This is an automatically triggered step, and it doesn't mean you've done anything wrong.

In most cases, the review process takes a few minutes. Occasionally, it can take a few hours.
During the review, the email appears in your Sent folder with a Pending Review flag. After we approve your email, it will automatically send to your list, and the Pending Review flag will disappear.

Can I use emojis?

Yes, Email Campaigns supports emojis. However:

  • Providers may display emojis differently. For example, they look different on an Apple device vs. an Android device.
  • There is generally less mailbox support for emojis with skin colors. Typically they will look good on iPhones, but not display correctly on other devices.

Can I use custom code?

No, custom code isn't currently supported for Email Campaigns.

Can site contributors send campaigns?

Site owners and contributors with Administrator or Content Editor permission can access all Email Campaigns features. For all other contributor permissions, Email Campaigns isn't available.

Can I undo or recall a sent campaign?

No. It's not possible to undo or recall a campaign after it's sent. We recommend sending test emails to yourself to ensure your campaigns look and function the way you want.

Why are my campaigns delivered to the "promotions" tab?

Some email clients send marketing emails to a separate folder for promotions. If customers want your email campaigns to arrive in their primary inbox, they should add your store's from email address to their contacts.

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