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Creating sender profiles

A sender profile is the email address and name that your subscribers will see in the From: line of the email. Before you send your first email campaign, follow the steps in this guide to set up a sender profile.

Before you begin

  • You can create multiple sender profiles, but you can only send from one at a time.
  • Ensure you use accurate information. Including misleading information in your campaigns may violate legal requirements, such as CAN-SPAM.
  • Currently, there's a limit of ten sender profiles.

About verifying

Verifying your email address and domain confirms that you have a valid email address that you have permission to send emails from. Verification is optional, but these steps are important for helping you avoid spam filters.

  • Verifying email: No matter what type of email address you're using, verify your email. For the best results, use a custom email, which is an email connected to a domain you own, such as
  • Verifying a domain: If you have a custom email, and you bought the domain from a third party, verify the email's domain. If you registered the domain through Squarespace, it's automatically verified.
Note: Due to inbox provider limitations, Email Campaigns cannot be sent from some free email addresses.

Step 1 - Create a sender profile

To create a sender profile:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Marketing, then click Email Campaigns.
  2. Click Settings, then click Sender Profile.
  3. Give your sender profile a name. This name is public, and people who receive your campaigns will see it. See the screenshot below for an example.
  4. Add the email address your campaigns will be sent from. We recommend using a custom email. Some free email providers aren't supported.
  5. Click Next.


Step 2 - Verify your email address

You'll be prompted to verify your email address. A verification email is automatically sent to the email address you added in the previous step.

Open your email and copy the code.


In the sender profile setup window, enter the code. Then click Next.

  • If you don't want to enter this now, click Skip. To enter it later, click your sender profile, then click Verify Email.
  • If you don't see the verification email in your Inbox, check your spam folder.


Step 3 - Verify your domain

If you have a custom email, and you purchased the domain from a third-party provider, you'll be prompted to verify your domain. For help, visit Verifying third-party domains for Email Campaigns.

  • You won't see this option if you're using a free email service.
  • Squarespace Domains are automatically verified. If your Squarespace Domain displays a failed verification after you create a sender profile, delete the sender profile and create it again. 
  • To verify a Squarespace Domain that's connected to a different site, verify it on that site first, or add it as a third-party domain.
Tip: If you don't want to enter this now, click I'll Do This Later. To enter it later, click your sender profile, then click Verify Domain.

Automatic domain verification

Domains that are registered through or managed by Squarespace will verify automatically, which means you don't have to manually update their DNS settings.

If you don't have a domain yet, we recommend these steps for the most seamless experience:

  1. Register your new domain through Squarespace.
  2. Set up a custom email address for that domain with G Suite.
  3. After you set up your sender profile, verify your email.

If you already have a domain you registered through another provider, you can transfer it to Squarespace to have it verify automatically. Note that domains can take up to 15 days to transfer.

Mailing address

The address that displays at the bottom of every campaign isn't part of your sender profile. You'll add it when sending your campaign.

Supported email providers

We recommend using a custom email. Although we support creating a Sender Profile from most free email providers, spam filters are more likely to reject emails sent from these addresses.

If you need to use a free email, we recommend using Gmail.

Error message: You cannot create a Sender Profile using a [provider] email address

Some free email addresses are almost always rejected by inboxes. This error appears if you try to set up a Sender Profile with one of them.

We regularly update our list of email providers to ensure Sender Profile functionality. Some email addresses you can't use include ones that end in:

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Creating sender profiles