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Templates and design in version 7.0

Squarespace's templates help you create a cohesive look and structure for your website. Every Squarespace trial starts by selecting a template, which you can change at any time. All templates have built-in responsive designs so your site scales to fit different devices and screen sizes.

In version 7.0, each template family has its own set of style parameters and special features. You'll use your template's site styles to adjust fonts, colors, spacing, and other design features.

This guide is for version 7.0. All version 7.1 sites share the same template. To learn more, visit Squarespace version 7.1 vs. version 7.0.

Working with templates

Templates create structure for your design.

Style changes

The Site styles panel lets you adjust tweaks—settings that control fonts, colors, spacing, and other options. The tweaks vary between templates. Along with adding content, the Site styles panel is a key tool for personalizing your site.

Template features

Each version 7.0 template has its own specialized code, which means the template you choose determines which features you have access to. You can’t mix and match features from different templates.

These features vary between template families:

To learn more, visit our template comparison charts.

Mobile and responsive design

Every Squarespace template is designed for easy navigation on any device, from computers to tablets to smartphones. Some templates also have unique style options for mobile view.

Custom code

Experienced users can add custom code to make advanced changes to their site. Adding code to your site falls outside of the scope of Squarespace support.

Template guides

Previewing and playing around with a template is the best way to learn how it works. Support your exploration with our in-depth template guides. Click the links below to learn more about these template families.

Version 7.0 template guides:

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Templates and design in version 7.0