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Video Series: All About Images

The Internet is a visual medium and images play a crucial role in your site's design, message, and content. In the videos below, we'll explore why images matter, discuss guidelines for formatting and adding images, and consider how images relate to your brand and social media presence.

For additional information on any step, feel free to pause a video and refer to a guide in the Additional Resources section for detailed instructions.

1. Introduction

Images create a powerful impression in the first few seconds a visitor is on your site. Learning how to effectively use images is a great skill, whether your site features multiple galleries or just a few, subtle Image Blocks.

2. Best Practices in Image Formatting

In this video, we cover guidelines for ensuring your images look great and won't slow your site's load time. This includes image types, file size limits, and which formatting options matter for the web.

  • Check image details (0:20)
  • Title an image (0:30)
  • Save as correct file type (0:45)
  • File size and dimension limits (1:00)
  • Save in RGB color mode (1:40)
  • Set logo size (2:00)
  • Add a favicon (2:25)
Additional Resources:

3. Adding Images

You can add images to your site with Image Blocks, Gallery Pages, and Gallery Blocks. These videos explain the particulars of each method and how to best use all three to create a beautiful site.

Using the Image Block

The Image Block lets you add a single image to pages, blog posts, and other content areas.

  • Insert an Image Block (0:20)
  • Upload an image (0:30)
  • Use Getty Images (0:40)
  • Enable Stretch or Lightbox (0:50)
  • Set a clickthrough URL (1:00)
  • Write a caption (1:20)

Using the Gallery Page

Gallery Pages display images and videos with special, template-specific features.

  • Create a Gallery Page (0:35)
  • Upload images (0:50)
  • Use Getty Images (1:35)
  • Add image title and description (2:00)
  • Organize by tags and categories (2:15)
  • Set additional options (2:35)
  • Enter a location (3:10)
  • Push to social media (3:25)
  • Embed a video (4:00)
  • Arrange content (5:25)
  • Move images between Gallery Pages (5:55)
  • Delete images (6:05)
  • Style the Gallery Page (6:20)
  • Use filters (6:50)

Using Gallery Blocks

You can upload new images to a Gallery Block or display images from an existing Gallery Page. The Gallery Block lets you add galleries to blog posts and other content areas, and provides a great alternative to your template's default Gallery Page.

  • Insert a Gallery Block (0:20)
  • Upload images (0:45)
  • Use Getty Images (1:05)
  • Embed a video (1:30)
  • Display Gallery Page content (2:20)
  • Add titles and descriptions (2:35)
  • Tweak Design settings (2:55)
  • Explore different Gallery Block designs (3:30)
  • Set a clickthrough URL (5:35)
Additional Resources:

4. Adding a Logo & Favicon

Images are a natural extension of your brand's identity. This video shows how to upload a logo, favicon, and social sharing logo.

  • Upload a logo (0:20)
  • Adjust logo size (0:55)
  • Add a favicon (1:05)
  • Set a social sharing logo (2:10)
Additional Resources:

5. Social Sharing & Design

You can use images to represent your site on social media and create an eye-catching design with banner images. This guides offers some final tips on using images to build a captivating homepage.

  • Add a Social Sharing Logo (0:20)
  • Set an item thumbnail image (1:00)
  • Use a banner image (1:55)
  • Build an effective homepage (2:50)
Additional Resources:
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Video Series: All About Images