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Squarespace analytics

Squarespace analytics is our reporting platform that gives you insight into how your site is performing. With analytics, you can get a clear picture of your visitors and their behavior through visual reports on statistics like pageviews, conversion, sales, referrers, and bounce rate.

If you have an online store, analytics includes revenue, conversion, and cart abandonment data so you can track how your business is doing and identify opportunities for growth.

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Before you begin

  • Our platform records visitor activity via JavaScript in the browser.
  • Site owners and contributors with administrator and reporting permissions can view analytics.
  • Data in analytics can take up to two hours to refresh.
  • It's not possible to export analytics data at this time.
  • As a best practice, keep track of when you make big changes to your site or content to see how your data responds.

Availability by plan

Your access to analytics panels and features depends on:

If your plan doesn’t include certain analytics features, you’ll see a preview and an opportunity to upgrade.

The table below shows available options by plan.

  • Legacy business plans have the same options as Commerce Basic.
  • Most trial sites have the same options as Website Personal.
  • Regardless of your plan, if you purchase a Member Areas subscription, you'll have the options listed in the Member Areas subscription column below.
Feature Website Personal Website Business Commerce Basic Commerce Advanced Member Areas subscription


with connected payments


Traffic alerts


Sales by product

Purchase funnel

Abandoned cart

with connected payments

abandoned cart recovery data

Traffic sources

restricted sources and channels

restricted sources

Search keywords

Activity log

Form & button conversions

Site content

Site search keywords

RSS subscribers

Viewing historical analytics data after upgrading

Your analytics panels will display historical data, even if you upgrade your site. We track data for all sites, regardless of plan. For example, if you upgrade to a Commerce plan, your Abandoned cart and Purchase funnel panels will display historical data, dating back to when you began selling products on your site or when we released those analytics panels, whichever is more recent.

Open analytics

To open the Analytics panel:

  1. In the Home menu, click Analytics.
  2. Click a panel to see the report. Learn more about each analytics panel in Understanding your Squarespace analytics panels.
Tip: Use menu shortcuts to add links to key analytics panels directly to the Home menu.

Analytics glossary

Read about common analytics terms in the Squarespace glossary.

Analytics on mobile

Download the Squarespace app to access data from your mobile device.

Hiding your activity from Squarespace analytics

Squarespace analytics ignores all activity when you're logged in and viewing your site. If you're logged out, analytics counts your activity like you're an outside visitor.

Analytics is designed to show you how visitors interact with your site, so you may not want your own activity to skew the data. To prevent your or your contributors' pageviews and other activity from populating in analytics, log in before viewing your site.

Tip: In Google Analytics, you can hide your activity by creating a filter to exclude your IP address.

Trial sites and analytics

Which analytics options you see in your trial site depends on the version of Squarespace your site is on.

All trial sites have the same options as Commerce Advanced.

The analytics options you see during a trial depends on your template. (After upgrading, it depends on your plan.)

Most trial sites have the same options as Website Personal.

If you start your trial with one of the following templates, you'll see the same options as Commerce Advanced:

  • Adirondack
  • Brine
  • Cacao
  • Clay
  • Fairfield
  • Flores
  • Galapagos
  • Hyde
  • Indigo
  • Jaunt
  • Jones
  • Marta
  • Pedro
  • Supply
  • Thorne
  • West
Tip: Since trial sites aren't public, you may not see much data during a trial.

More help

We can't provide specific advice for improving your analytics results, as everyone's content, goals, and audience are a little different. There are plenty of resources online that explore different ways to impact your analytics, and we recommend experimenting to find out what has the best results for your site.

If you want an outside opinion on your analytics, review these helpful options:

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