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Adding a blog comment

Comments are a great way for visitors to interact with your content and build a community around your site. This guide covers the various ways visitors can comment and participate in discussions.

Note: Squarespace comments are text only. To enable comments that support links and images, you may want to use a third-party service like Disqus.

Step 1 - Add a comment

Visit a Blog Page, click a post title, and then click Comment. The location and appearance of the Comment text varies between templates.

Enter your comment in the Comment box and then click Post Comment. You can also click Preview to see how your comment will look before submitting it. The Comment box and posted comments only appear within individual blog posts, not on the blog's landing page.

Step 2 - Post anonymously (optional)

If Allow Anonymous Comments is enabled in Comments Settings, your name is the only required field. You can include your email and website URL and then click Comment as Guest.


Step 3 - Log in to comment (optional)

If Allow Anonymous Comments is disabled in Comments Settings, you’ll need to log into a Squarespace account to comment. You can log in with any Squarespace account, even if you don't manage the site you're commenting on.


Step 4 - Interact with comments

Reply to a comment

If Allow Thread Comments is enabled in Comments Settings, you can click the Reply icon to reply to another visitor's comment. Enter your comment in the box and click Post Reply.

Like a comment

If Simple Likes are enabled, you can click the Like icon to like a comment.

Flag a comment

If Comment Flagging is enabled in Comments Settings, you can click the Flag icon to flag offensive or spam comments. This helps Admins and Comment Moderators manage discussions.

If Auto-Moderation is enabled in Comments Settings, after a comment receives a set number of flags it will be automatically set to Awaiting Moderation.

Note: Visitors must be logged in to flag a comment.

Subscribe via e-mail

Click Subscribe via e-mail to receive email notifications when new comments are added. Visitors must be logged in to subscribe. This will subscribe visitors to the comment thread, but not your entire blog.

Sort comments

Click the comment sorting text to sort comments by Oldest First, Newest First, Most Liked, or Least Liked. The default order is set in Comments Settings.

To reply to a comment:

  1. Tap Pages, then tap the Blog Page with the comment.
  2. Tap the comment icon at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap the comment you want to reply to. 
  4. Tap Reply.
  5. Enter your reply in the Reply To Comment field, tap Send, then tap Confirm.

Log into your site on a computer for all other interactions, including:

  • Liking comments
  • Flagging comments
  • Subscribing to comments
  • Sorting comments
Tip: As an alternative to Squarespace's commenting system, you can add advanced commenting features to your site through our integration with Disqus.
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