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Page limits

The number of pages you can have on your Squarespace site depends on your pricing plan. This guide explains the specifics about page limits in Squarespace.

Page limits per plan

Pages are limited to a single page. Page limits are as follows:

  • Trial sites - 1000
  • Website Personal plan - 20
  • Website Business plan - 1000
  • Website - Commerce plan (no longer offered) - 1000
  • Commerce Basic plan - 1000
  • Commerce Advanced plan - 1000

If you add another page after reaching the limit, the new page will be disabled.

Note: If your trial Website exceeds the Personal plan's page limit (20), you won't be able to subscribe to the Personal plan. To proceed, either select the Business plan, which allows 1000 pages, or remove pages until you reach 20 and then subscribe to the Personal plan.

Pages that count toward the limit

The pages that count towards the page limit are:

  • Regular Pages
  • Product Pages
  • Cover Pages
  • Album Pages
  • Blog Pages (not individual blog posts)
  • Gallery Pages
  • Project Pages
  • Event Pages
  • Index Pages
  • Pages in the Not Linked section of your navigation
  • Template Demo Pages

A note on Index Pages

An Index Page itself counts toward the page limit. Every page in the index counts toward the limit too. So, for example, an Index Page with three pages in it counts as four pages.

Content that doesn't count toward the limit

This content doesn't count toward the page limit:

  • Navigation links
  • Folders
  • The default 404 error page
  • Individual blog posts
  • Individual events
Note: Disabled pages count toward the general 1000 page limit, but not towards the Personal plan's 20 page limit.

Page-specific limits

These pages have limits for the amount of content you can add to them.


Each Products Page can hold up to 200 products.

Gallery images or videos

Gallery Pages and Project Pages can display up to 250 images or videos.

Album tracks

Album Pages have a 60 track limit. Specific tracks don't count toward overall page limits.

Blog Pages

There's no limit for the number of blog posts you can add to a Blog Page.

Event Pages

There's no limit for the number of events you can add to an Event Page.

Index Pages

Index Pages have a 100 page limit. Pages in the index count toward the overall page limit.


Folders don't have official page limits, but we recommend a maximum of 10 pages to keep drop-down menus manageable.

Cover Pages

There isn't a set limit, but too much content will affect page load times.

Regular Pages

We recommend adding no more than 60 blocks to a page. Pages with too many blocks may load and save slowly. There are no block limits by billing plan.

Suggested maximum is 400 pages

While Professional and Business plan websites and Commerce Basic and Advanced stores can have up to 1000 pages, we don't recommend adding more than 400. Sites with this much content may load slowly, especially on mobile devices. For larger sites, it's a good idea to regularly review and delete unused content.

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