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Canceling your Google Workspace account

If you cancel your Google Workspace (previously G Suite) service with Squarespace, we’ll transfer your Google Workspace account to Google. At that point, you can continue service with Google or completely cancel your account through your Google Workspace Admin Console. We’ll no longer bill you for Google Workspace.

Note: Please don’t cancel if you’re having trouble with setup. We strongly recommend contacting us first. Go to the next section for important details.
Tip: To remove a single email address (user) without deleting your account, visit Deleting a Google Workspace user.

Contact us first. We’re here to help.

If you’re having trouble with setup, please don’t cancel. Canceling won’t allow you to start over to solve the problem, and you won't be able to reinstate Google Workspace service on your domain through Squarespace. Instead, your account will transfer to Google and can't be transferred back to us.

We can resolve any issues with Google Workspace and ensure you’re set up for success with email. Contact us, or visit Troubleshooting Google Workspace.

Transfer your account to Google

In some cases, you may want to manage billing for your Google Workspace account with Google directly rather than managing the billing through your Squarespace site. In Squarespace, canceling your Google Workspace account and transferring to Google are the same process. Canceling your Google Workspace with Squarespace automatically transfers it to Google, where you can reestablish billing if you want to continue using Google Workspace.

Google may also refer to this process as ending the reseller relationship. Since we're a reseller of Google Workspace, canceling in Squarespace and transferring to Google effectively ends our connection to the Google Workspace account.

Note: You can't transfer your Google Workspace account directly from Squarespace to another Google Workspace reseller. After you cancel your Google Workspace account with us, we'll transfer your account to Google, then you can transfer the account to an approved reseller. Learn more in Google's Help Center.

Billing details after you cancel

After you cancel, it's not possible to:

  • Redeem the free year offer on another domain
  • Reinstate Google Workspace service for this domain through Squarespace

After you cancel your monthly Google Workspace account:

  • You won't receive a refund; for more details, visit Refund policies
  • You’ll forfeit the free year offer included with an upgrade to a Business or Commerce plan
  • Your Google Workspace account converts to a 30-day trial with Google; ensure you add your billing information in Google

After you cancel your annual Google Workspace account:

  • Your renewal date stays the same. It's the same date you started your Google Workspace subscription in Squarespace. This date only changes if you add new users before your renewal date. Removing users doesn't change your renewal date.
  • In most cases, you can keep your free year offer. If you cancel any time during the first year of your subscription, you keep the offer. You'll only lose the remainder of your free offer if you add new users to your Google Workspace account before your renewal date. Adding a new user starts a billing relationship with Google. At that time, Google charges you for all users you have in your Google Workspace account.
  • You'll only receive a refund if you cancel or disable auto-renew during the 15-day renewal window, but not after an initial signup payment or after the 15-day renewal window. If you receive a refund, you'll get a 30-day grace period to set up billing directly with Google.
  • Your Google Workspace account stays active with Google until the end of your current billing cycle, unless you cancel during the 15-day renewal window. You have until the end of your current billing cycle to set up your billing information with Google.

For more information about moving your Google Workspace from Squarespace to Google, visit Google's documentation.

Cancel your account

After reading the information above, choose from the two options for canceling your Google Workspace service with Squarespace and transferring your account to Google:

  • Option 1 - Cancel your Google Workspace account with Squarespace immediately.
  • Option 2 - Disable auto-renew to let your account expire at the end of the billing cycle.

Option 1 - Cancel your account with Squarespace

If your Google Workspace subscription is attached to a cover page, Website, or Commerce store:

  1. In the Home menu, click Settings.
  2. Click Billing.
  3. Under Subscriptions, click Google Workspace.
  4. Click Cancel Subscription.
  5. In the next panel, click Cancel Google Workspace subscription.
  6. Confirm the cancellation.

If your Google Workspace subscription is attached to a parking page:

  1. In the Home menu, click Email, and then click Billing.
  2. Click Cancel Google Workspace.
  3. In the next panel, click Cancel.
  4. Confirm the cancellation.

If you experience issues canceling your Google Workspace account, contact us.

Option 2 - Disable auto-renew

To disable auto-renew:

  1. In the Home menu, click Settings.
  2. Click Billing.
  3. Under Subscriptions, click Google Workspace.
  4. Switch the Renew automatically toggle off.

When your billing cycle ends, your Google Workspace email will be suspended. After 40 days, it will be disconnected from your site and transferred to Google.

If you disable auto-renew for an annual Google Workspace plan during the 15-day renewal window, your subscription still renews and then expires at the end of the next billing period.

Next steps

Note: After canceling your subscription in Squarespace, we can no longer help with Google Workspace. Consult Google's documentation for any of the following actions.

To take next steps, go to your Google Workspace Admin Console and log in using your Google Workspace email address and password.

Depending on what you want to do, you can:

  • Set up billing with Google to ensure uninterrupted service
  • Upgrade to another Google Workspace plan
  • Completely cancel your account


Will canceling my Squarespace site cancel my Google Workspace subscription?

No. Billing for Google Workspace is handled separately. If you cancel your site, we’ll continue to renew your Google Workspace subscription using the credit card on file.

Will canceling my Google Workspace in Squarespace delete emails, contacts, or other content from my inbox?

No. Canceling your Google Workspace in Squarespace transfers the billing aspects of the account to Google, but it doesn’t affect the content in your inbox. All emails, contacts, and other content remains intact after canceling Google Workspace in Squarespace.

I see a "Failed to Cancel Google Workspace" message.

You'll see this message in your Billing panel if you don't have any Administrators in your Google Workspace account. To resolve this, set one or more of your Google Workspace users as an Administrator.

  1. In the Home menu, click Settings, and then click Email & Google Workspace.
  2. Click a user.
  3. Check the Administrator option to give this user full administrative access on the Google Workspace account.
  4. Click Save.

You should now be able to cancel your Google Workspace account from the Billing panel.

Note that Google Workspace user levels are separate from Squarespace permission levels. A Squarespace user with Owner or Administrator permissions won't automatically have Google Workspace Administrator access.

How do I cancel an existing Google Workspace account so I can sign up in Squarespace?

During signup, if you see the error message Failed to register for Google Workspace - A Google Workspace account already exists on this domain, visit Troubleshooting Google Workspace to learn more.

You won’t be able to cancel the existing account following the steps here, as the existing Google Workspace account may be hosted with Google Workspace directly or another reseller.

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