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Previewing pages

As you edit a page, your changes show on the right side of your screen. This enables you to see your updates without constantly logging in and out or switching between editing and previewing.

Depending on your needs, this might not be enough. For example, if your screen or browser window is small, the preview will show how your site appears on mobile devices instead of computers. You can also see how your site appears on mobile devices with the Squarespace app.

This guide shows you all of the ways you can preview your site as you edit it.

Full preview of pages

To expand the preview and hide the editing panels, hover over the top-right corner (top-left corner in version 7.0) and click the arrow.


  • Displays a full-screen preview
  • Hides edit annotations
  • Displays page slugs in your browser address bar
Tip: If your site is on version 7.0, the arrow won't appear while you're in the site styles panel. Exit site styles to enter full preview, or temporarily zoom out.


To go back to editing your site, click the arrow again.

Full preview of blog posts

You can preview blog posts similar to pages, either before or after publishing. To preview a blog post:

  1. After creating a blog post, click Save & Publish to make it public, or click Save to save as a draft.
  2. In the blog page panel, click the post title.
  3. A preview of the post will display to the right. Click the expand arrow in the corner to see the full preview.
  4. Click the arrow again to return to the blog page panel.

Device view

Preview how your site appears on different devices with device view.

Incognito mode

To see your site exactly as your visitors see it, visit your site in incognito mode. This can help if your site has embedded code, which may not display when you're logged in.

Zoom out (advanced)

Most browsers give you the option to zoom in or out on a page. Zooming out is a quick way to see what your site looks like in wider browsers.

In most browsers, you can press Ctrl (on a Mac) with the + and - keys to zoom in or out. If this doesn't work, do a web search for zoom and your browser's name and version.

Note: Editing in Squarespace is only supported at 100% zoom. To avoid display and editing issues, always set your browser back to 100%/Actual Size.

Preview changes before visitors can see them

Usually, pressing Save on any change updates your live site immediately. Here are some ways to create content without visitors seeing it right away:

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