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Previewing a page

Page editors in Squarespace closely mimic the live version of your site so you can see changes like a visitor without constantly logging in and out or switching between editing and previewing. However, if you want the full visitor experience, you can enter full preview by hiding the Pages panel.

This guide walks you through previewing a Regular Page.

Before you begin

To hide a page from the public before you preview it, you can do any of the following:

Step 1 - Add and save content

While building a page, click Save in any open Block Editors, and then click Save in the top of the Page Editor.

Step 2 - Preview

After clicking Save to close the Page Editor, the page automatically shows a preview.

  • To close the Pages panel and view a fullscreen version, click the Expand arrow in the top-left corner.
  • To open the Pages panel and close full preview, click the arrow again. (You might need to hover over the top-left corner to see the arrow.)
  • To preview any other page, click on it in the Pages panel and click the arrow again.

Preview a mobile version

With Device View, you can preview how your site appears on mobile, tablet, and desktop screens. This is a great way to test your site's responsive design. To learn more, visit Device View.

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