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Importing and exporting content

You can use Import/Export Settings to import and export content to and from your Squarespace site. Importing copies content from another site. Exporting copies your Squarespace site's content to use on a new platform. 

We support content imports from Blogger, Tumblr, Squarespace 5, and WordPress. If your Squarespace site uses Commerce, you can import products from Big Cartel, Etsy, and Shopify.

Note: Squarespace isn't optimized for importing content between Squarespace 7 sites. Importing content from one Squarespace site into another Squarespace site may cause broken image links and other issues.

Go to Import/Export settings

To import or export content, first navigate to your Home Menu. From there, click Settings, then Advanced, then Import/Export.

Import content

When importing blog content, Squarespace generally imports post content, comments, and images. We'll attempt to preserve post URLs.

When importing products, you can import as many products as your plan supports. For more information, visit our pricing page.

To learn more about the process, requirements, and supported content for each source, use the following guides:

Import content

Import products

Export content

If you’re leaving Squarespace, you can export all compatible content into an .xml file. For more help, visit Exporting your site.

Note: If your site has more than one Blog Page, you'll need to choose one Blog Page to include in the exported file.


Can I import images or videos?

Import/Export Settings are used for moving content (like posts and pages) to or from Squarespace and a third-party platform. To bulk-add image files or videos, you can do this directly on each page.

If you're a photographer, you may want to enable image metadata importing from your camera.

Can I sync content between Squarespace and another platform?

No. Importing adds a copy of content from an external source to your Squarespace site. It doesn't create a sync between these two sites. We recommend importing if you plan to continue using this content only on Squarespace.

Can I import and export between two Squarespace 7 sites?

No. There's no direct way to transfer content between Squarespace 7 sites at this time.

What will import to my Squarespace site?

It depends on the platform. Generally, text and images on blog posts and pages will import. For products, information like price, dimensions, and images will import. For specifics, see the importing guides for each service.

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Importing and exporting content